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Marc-Olivier Lellouche

XBRL Business Unit Director at Umanis.

Graduated from IUPI (Institut Universitaire Pour l’Informatique, Paris France), in 1994.

Marc-Olivier begins his career as a sales engineer. 5 years later, he co-founds an IT consulting company specialized in the Business Intelligence.

Early in 2003 they develop a research department dedicated to the XBRL standard that positions the company as one of the historic actor in France.

In 2006 Umanis offers the possibility of developing the activity around XBRL and it is together that they will gain the first French project at the "Banque de France". Today Umanis is also involve in the continuation of this project with the gain of the SURFI project at “Banque de France”

With its expertise into developing XBRL platform, Umanis is now offering solutions to both regulators and end users with FinRisk, a full XBRL solution.

Today, Marc-Olivier is the Director of the XBRL business Unit at Umanis.

Sylvie LĂ©picier

Sylvie Lépicier graduated in Business and Administration from Sup de Co Rouen in 1980, from a French Law University (Paris X) in 1983 with a Master in Business Law, and from a Canadian Law University (Ottawa University) with a Master in Fiscal Law in 1983. She is also a Chartered Accountant. She began her career as a bank auditor in Touche Ross (Deloitte) in 1984, then she took the position of Operations Manager in CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) in Paris.

In 1993, she founded LGB Finance, a consultancy company specialized in banking and financial consultancy for investment banks. She merged the company in 2001 with a software group, Viveo. In addition to her position as LGB Finance’s CEO, she became  Général Manager for the IT solutions department  in 2004. In 2006, she fully joined XBRL France as an active board member, in charge of Marketing and Communication. She is the permanent representative of XBRL France at the Pôle Finance Innovation, a worldwide competitiveness cluster,  in order to promote projects linked with XBRL technology in Finance reporting. She is also deeply involved in actions targeted to improve transparency in financial and non-financial reporting in Europe.Sylvie Lépicier is Secretary General of XBRL France since July 2008.

Andrew Ling

Andrew Ling works at UBS, where he is the Chief Technology Officer for Equities Research and Sales Asia-Pacific; ensuring that investment in technology allows UBS to manage its business efficiently.

In this role, Andrew covers topics such as monetising research and client relationships, intellectual property protection and entitlements, and content management.  He is a member of the board of

He has worked at UBS for 9 years, with previous roles in Equities eProducts, and as Head of R&D for Equity Research.  Prior to this, he worked for I/B/E/S International, the research firm.  Andrew read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Lincoln College, Oxford.

Shiping Liu

Dr. Liu is presently serving as the Chairman and CEO of Global Business Intelligence Consulting Co. (GBICC). He also is a professor at the College of Computing & Communication Engineering at the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chief Scientist and Associate Director of Finance Sciences & Technology Center at Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently, he also is a member of China Tech Mentors of Entrepreneurs Action; a member of Expert Consulting Committee, China Tech Entrepreneur Association; a member of China Accounting Informatization Committee; a member of XBRL China Advisory Committee and Vice Chairman of XBRL China Steering Committee

During the career, he was a Researcher in Economics Research Center at Iowa State University, Senior Business Analyst at Providian Financial, Consultant/Senior Consultant/Executive Consultant of IBM as well as Worldwide Team Leader of data mining for financial institutions at IGS of IBM, and Executive Vice President at AsiaCorp.

In his career, Dr. Liu has published and presented more than 60 scientific and business articles in economics, risk management, environmental science, applied statistics, civil engineering, IT and financial IT journals, financial and bankers’ professional journals. He has been interviewed by many news papers, journals and TV Stations on various topics in the last 5 years in China.  His two books (Data Mining and Its Applications for Financial Institutions and XBRL and Its Applications) will be published in China soon. Dr. Liu had also won following awards:

  • 1995 best article in SAEA (Southern Agricultural Economics Association) and outstanding research award in the association.
  • 1998 IBM Achievement Award
  • 1999 IBM Innovation Achievement Award, Star Employee Award and Outstanding Consultant Award.
  • 2001 IBM Invention Award
  • 2005 Excellent Award of Returned Chinese Scholar Entrepreneurs
  • 2005 IT Person of Year in China
  • 2007 Excellent Award of Chun Hui Competition

José Luis Lizcano

Managing Director of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA). Coordinator and founder member of the Committee Research on Corporate Social  Responsibility (CSR) of AECA. Member or promoter of several research groups on CSR. Chairman of research group of the first mover XBRL taxonomy on CSR world. Author of numerous articles and papers on CSR and Leadership. Member of Editorial Advisory Board of the Responsible Media.  Participating in the consultation processes of interest groups in various

companies: Telefónica, CEPSA, BBVA, CECA, La Caixa, Pórtland Valderribas, Grupo Antena 3, companies: Telefónica, CEPSA, BBVA, ECSC, La Caixa, Portland Valderribas, Grupo Antena 3, Deloitte y CLH, Deloitte and CLH. Representative of AECA in different national and international forums on CSR: Global Reporting Iniciative, UN Global Compact, the Association XBRL Spain, Instituto Analysis of Intangibles, SpainSIF- Spanish Sustainable Investment Forum

Joanne Locke

Dr Joanne Locke is a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham, prior to which she taught at various universities in Australia and New Zealand. Joanne’s current research interests focus on the trend to global standardisation of business information. Specific areas researched include Enterprise Resource Planning systems and eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). Joanne is currently a member of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation’s XBRL Advisory Council.

Pia Löfgren

Pia Lofgren has been working at the Swedish Tax Agency with e-filing and income tax reports for businesse for many years. Pia Lofgren works as a Business Development Officer at the Headquater. 

Moira Lorenzo

Software Engineer from the University of Vigo (Spain). Financial Services senior consultant in Atos Origin with expertise in several XBRL projects like Development of COREP & FINREP Spanish extensions taxonomies, Spanish General Accounting Plan among others. Currently involved in XBRL-ES Jurisdiction technology working groups as taxonomy reviewer and other XBRL integration projects in Bank of Spain, for the financial reporting solution (reception, validation and processing of XBRL information). Main tasks involved are developing feasibility studies, analysis of XBRL tools in the market, and functional analysis of XBRL components integration. XBRL technical specialist during her career in Fujitsu Services Spain.

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