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Michael Alles

Dr. Michael Alles is a tenured associate professor at the Department of Accounting, Business Ethics & Information Systems at Rutgers Business School at Rutgers University and editor of the International Journal of Disclosure and Governance, published by Palgrave-Macmillan in London. Prior to Rutgers, he taught at the University of Texas at Austin, New York University and Southern Methodist University. His specialties are the design of strategic control systems, continuous auditing, XBRL and management accounting. He is widely published in all these areas. Dr. Alles holds a doctorate from Stanford Business School and a First Class Honors in Economics from the Australian National University.

Stéphane Allez

Managing director, associate founder of the INVOKE company, Stephane ALLEZ followed higher education of mathematics in the University of Rouen.
From 1982 till 1986, it develops the first accountancy on PC within SSII OCTOPUS, broadcast in more than 2 000 copies. He is the author of software packages LF-OCTOPUS (Fiscal Roll) and 123 / x (Connection Lotus 123).
From 1986 till 1988, first as collaborator of the SYBEL-group (now part of SAGE-group) then as an independent, he creates more innovative software.
In 1989, he founds the INVOKE society and develops the software package "EXPLOREUR" (Editor of fiscal statements). From 1994 till 1996 he competes to the development of NATSTAR (Programs Generator) and of NSDK as engineer for the society NAT SYSTEMS.
From 1997, he dedicates himself exclusively to the society INVOKE.
From 1997 till 2005, Stephane ALLEZ aims the development of the "TOSCAN3 range, Accounting and financial software packages, used by more than 1 300 customers among witch there are prestigious french groups: L’Oréal, SNCF, Caisse des dépôts et Consignations, Saint GOBAIN, groupe Caisses d’ Epargne, Groupe Accord-casino….
Since 2005 and as managing director, he puts himself into piloting and promotionning the technical innovations of the society. For instance, he aims the development of two new XBRL tools : XBRL Form, a reader of all kind of XBRL based-data report and XBRL Form-designer, a writer of any XBRL instance
Stephane Allez enlivens the Marketing Communication group which assures the preparation of the annual national Conference, professional breakfasts and the Newsletter of XBRL France.

Jose M. Alonso-Revilla

Alonso, José M. CNMV Telecommunication Engineer graduated from Madrid Polytechnic University. Currently working as Deputy Head of IT at the Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) and responsible of software development, also Head of the Spanish National Numbering Agency, a department of the CNMV, as well as Chair of the XBRL Spain’s Technology Working Group.

Since 1991 has been Spanish delegate to the Securities Subcommittee of the ISO TC/68 participating actively in the development and implementation of several standards related to the electronic data interchange and Straight-Through-Processing (STP) in the Financial Industry.

Mikael Ålund

I am a legal adviser to the management of the SCRO and I have for ten years been working with different projects with the aim to simplify the reporting obligations for Swedish companies, hence reducing their connected administrative costs. My latest assignment was to propose a solution to the Swedish government as how to reduce the companies reporting obligations by the reuse of information already submitted to one governmental authority.

David Blaszkowsky

The US Securities and Exchange Commission appointed David Blaszkowsky in October 2007 to start and lead its new Office of Interactive Disclosure, which is chartered to develop and implement interactive data standards (including XBRL) for financial reporting and other disclosures, and to develop and carry out strategies and policies to improve disclosures and their use through interactive data standards.  

David joined the SEC after a private sector career in consulting and financial information, most recently as a director leading several equity research and analytic information businesses for Standard & Poor’s in NY.  Before that, David was the Director of Strategic Planning and Development for McGraw-Hill’s Construction Information Group (where he also worked on an early industry-specific XML standard), and held financial planning and reengineering roles at Fidelity Investments in Boston.  David’s earlier career was in management consulting, at McKinsey & Company, as well as at Price Waterhouse and Gemini Consulting.  David trained in economics at the University of Chicago, receiving a BA, and earned his MBA in finance and marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.  David lives, with his wife and 2 daughters, in Boston.

Ignacio Boixo

Ignacio "Nacho" Boixo is coordinator of the XBRL Network of the Committee of European Banking Supervisors, an European Institution whose responsibilities include the harmonization of the European Banking Supervision frameworks, promoting best practices in Europe as well as delivering the XBRL implementations of both the COREP (Basel II) and FINREP (IFRS) reporting frameworks which are now used, adapted with National XBRL Extensions, in more than half of the member countries of the European Community.
After the completion of an MSc. in Computing Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he worked in a Consultancy firm from where he joined the Bank of Spain almost 30 years ago. He also holds a Diploma in Financial Economy from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Mr. Boixo is the Head of International Projects in the Information Systems and Processes Department of the Bank of Spain, and is a Member of the Information Technology Committee of the European System of Central Banks. Mr Boixo is the President of the Madrid Chapter of the Society of Spanish Computer Engineers, and is also a member of ISSA and MENSA.

J. Efrim Boritz

Efrim Boritz is the Ontario Chartered Accountants’ Chair in Accounting and Head of the IT and Assurance areas in the School of Accountancy, University of Waterloo, Canada. He is also the founding Director of the University of Waterloo Centre for Information Integrity and Information System Assurance, a Board member of the CICA's Information Technology Alliance and a member of the AICPA's Task Forces on SysTrust and Data Integrity. Dr. Boritz is the author or co-author of several books and monographs, as well as many articles in academic and professional journals. Professor Boritz serves on the editorial boards of Contemporary Accounting Research, International Journal of Accounting Information Systems and Issues in Accounting Education. He is the editor of the CAAA’s journal Accounting Perspectives. Dr. Boritz has served on numerous task forces and committees of the AAA, AICPA, CICA, IIA and ISACA. He is past-president of the CAAA (Canadian Academic Accounting Association) and is a former member of both the Accounting and Auditing Standards Boards of the CICA and the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario from which he received its highest award, the Award of Outstanding Merit in 1999. He is also a former member of the Accounting Standards Oversight Council of Canada.

Antoine Bourdais

Antoine Bourdais is VP, Business Development of Invoke, a software company which delivers financial reporting solutions.  He is member of XBRL France and is involved in a working group dedicated to regulated information.

He started as project manager and has extensive experience in financial software implementations and development. Then, he was product manager of reporting solutions. He graduated as a mathematical engineer from the INSA and completed a master in business and administration.

Johannes Buder

Johannes Buder is a research assistant at the Department of Information Management and Information Systems at the Technical University of Freiberg (TUBAF). He holds a Diploma in business administration and has started his doctoral studies at TUBAF in 2008. His main research fields are semantic technologies, ERP-Systems, REA, and business process management.

Li-Ning Chen

Li-Ning Chen, currently work in Listing Department of Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), where she is actively involving in a XBRL project. She is responsible for develop and implement the XBRL project in TWSE. Ms. Chen is a Chartered Accountant and holds the master degree of business administration and accounting. Prior to her current career in TWSE, she worked as a senior auditor in PricewaterhouseCoopers, Taiwan for 4 years.

Kurt Cogghe

Kurt has a long track record in program management, the financial services industry, public sector and international development. At Deloitte Consulting Belgium Kurt currently sponsors and drives the initiative on developing the XBRL offering inside and outside the organisation. The Multi Disciplinary approach that Deloitte takes guarantees that all aspects are covered within an XBRL project. Kurt is currently advising and assisting with the Deloitte team the Public Services Finance in Belgium with their XBRL project and future.

Eric Cohen

Eric E. Cohen is one of the original founders of XBRL, and the originator and chief architect of XBRL's Global Ledger Framework (XBRL GL). A past chair of XBRL US and of many working groups within XBRL, he has also served as a liaison between XBRL and other governmental and standards organizations, including OASIS, OCEG, OECD, OMG, W3C and the Standard Business Reporting Forum. Mr. Cohen is a prolific author and speaker, having written or contributed to numerous books and hundreds of articles for the business and professional press and having lectured and trained on XBRL and other accounting technology topics around the world.

Mr. Cohen collaborates with numerous academicians and researchers to facilitate research and study of issues like continuous auditing, data/data level assurance, and other important areas. He also co-founded and supports the annual XBRL Academic Competition. Mr. Cohen is the XBRL Global Technical Leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers. He received his MBA in Public Accounting and Marketing from the Simon School of Management (Rochester, NY). He is a member of the AICPA and the NYSSCPA.

Guillermo Corzo

Mr. Guillermo Corzo is a graduate in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires, School of Economics. Also, he holds a Master´s degree in Economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
He was Manager of Economics Studies at the National Securities Commission which is a argentine similar institution to SEC (USA), between 1992-1996.
He was the Director of the Economics Studies Centre at Capital Foundation, an entity for economic research, between 1996 and 2004.
Currently, he is the Deputy General Manager of the Information and Regulation Flows Department at the Superintendency of Financial and Foreign Exchange Institutions.  Also, he is leading the Central Balance Sheet Office´s inititative. 

Frank Curtiss

Head of Corporate Governance, RAILPEN Investments 

Frank Curtiss is Head of Corporate Governance at rpmi RAILPEN Investments, the investment management and monitoring arm of the Railways Pension Trustee Company, the trustee of railway industry pension funds in Great Britain.  He joined the company in 1990 and has been responsible for corporate governance since 1997. His main focus is on corporate governance and shareholder engagement with investee companies and others. 

During his career, he has worked in both the private and public sectors.  Prior to 1990, he worked in the UK university sector as an accountant.  He started his career in finance as a trainee with Williams & Glyn’s Bank in 1982 on graduating from University College London with a Bachelor’s degree in English.  He is a member of the UK Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and serves as an honorary adviser to the latter on corporate governance, pensions and other issues, and as a trustee of its educational and welfare charities.

Frank has been a member of the International Corporate Governance Network since 1998 and has chaired its Non-Financial Business Reporting Sub-Committee since 2005 which drafted the ICGN Statement and Guidance on Non-financial Business Reporting published in December 2008. He represents Railpen on the National Association of  Pension Fund’s Shareholder Affairs Committee and other UK corporate governance industry bodies including the Corporate Governance Forum and the Responsible Investors Network and has helped draft various guidance notes on best practice and disclosure on various topics including executive compensation and socially responsible investment.  He is also current chair of the Japan Focus Group.

He is also currently a member of the Advisory Council of the Occupational Pensions Defence Union and served as a founding member of the original steering group. He is chairman of the trustees of the NABC - Clubs for Young People Pension Scheme, the staff pension scheme of a UK-based charity.  He also has a voluntary role in clinical and research governance in the UK National Health Service as a lay member of the Human Research Ethics Committee of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queen Square in London.

Bob Cuthbertson

Bob Cuthbertson has been Chief Operating Officer of CaseWare IDEA Inc. since October, 2000.  Prior to his current position, Mr. Cuthbertson was Vice President, Professional Services of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA), responsible for the CICA’s portfolio of commercial products.  Mr. Cuthbertson is a Chartered Accountant with a specialty in Information Technology (CA?IT) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University School of Business.  He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the University of Waterloo Centre for Information Systems Assurance and a member of the steering group of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Tax eAudit Task Group and a past member of the XBRL International Steering Committee. 

Philippe Danjou

Until his appointment at IASB Mr. Philippe Danjou  was the director of the accounting division of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the French securities regulator. He graduated from HEC, then qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Registered Statutory Auditor, and joined Arthur Andersen & Co. (Paris) in 1970.

At Arthur Andersen, Mr Danjou ultimately became an audit partner. He was also Executive Director of the French Ordre des Experts Comptables (OEC) from 1982 until 1986.

Mr Danjou was a member of the International Auditing Practices Committee and a technical adviser to the French delegate to the former International Accounting Standards Committee, the predecessor to the IASB.

While at the AMF, he has served on the IASB’s Standards Advisory Council, as an observer at the Committee on Auditing of the European Commission, as a member of IOSCO’s Standing Committee 1 on Multinational Accounting and Disclosure, and the Financial Reporting Committee of the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESRFin).

In 2006, he was appointed chairman of the European Enforcers Coordination Sessions created by CESRFin to help foster consistent enforcement by regulators of IFRS-based financial statements.

Bernard Darrius

No bio provided.

Steve Davies

Dr Steve Davies is the General Manager, Statistics at the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. APRA's Statistics Unit is Australia's national repository of financial sector information and collects financial statistics from a wide range of financial institutions and on behalf of other regulatory and statistical agencies. The Unit provides independent and authoritative information and analysis on the financial sector and individual financial institutions. Dr Davies holds an Honours degree from Oxford University and a Ph.D. from the Australian National University. Prior to joining APRA in 1999, Dr Davies worked with the CSIRO for ten years as an applied statistical scientist.

Alan Deaton

Alan Deaton has worked at the FDIC since 1997 and is Chief of the Data Strategy Section in the Division of Insurance and Research.  He is currently project manager of the Central Data Repository (CDR), an ongoing project that makes use of XBRL to improve the management of data collected from U.S. banks.  Alan also served as the interagency CDR test manager and change management coordinator in support of the successful 2005 implementation of the CDR.  Just prior to joining the CDR project, Alan completed a detail assignment to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer analyzing the FDIC’s financial performance and internal business processes.  Prior to working for the CFO, Alan served as a Financial Economist in the Economic and Market Trends Section of FDIC’s Division of Insurance and Research.  His section was responsible for monitoring global, national, and regional economic trends as they relate to the risk profile of insured depository institutions.  Alan completed his undergraduate studies in 1996 at Wake Forest University with a double major in Economics and German.  He also received the distinction of Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland in 2002.

Sylviane DeLarue

Ms Sylviane DELARUE has been the Head of the Data Management and I.T. department of the French Banking Commission since February 2005. She is, more specifically in charge of the I.T. project “SURFI” concerning the Banque de France’s new financial data collecting system in XBRL.

Since 2005 She has worked at the Banking commission as IT department head, in charge of the COFINREP IT project which manages COREP and FINREP reportings.

From 2001 to 2005 She worked at the I.T. Directorate of Bank of France in which she was successively I.T project director for the Market domain and Deputy of the I.T developments department for “Securities, trading room and Monetary policy”.

From 1993 until 2001 She worked at the I.T. department of Banking Commission. Firstly she was in charge of the maintenance of the I.T. system “BAFI” (Database of Financial Companies) and secondly as I.T. Project Director for all the I.T. projects of the Banking Commission.

From 1990 until 1993  She joined the I.T Directorate of Bank of France in order to take part in the building of the Banking Commission’s new reporting system, called “ BAFI ” as head of a sub-project concerning the input domain (control, storage, parameters…)

In February 1984 She joined Bank of France at the Banking Commission as an I.T. specialist in charge of internal I.T. applications

From 1981 until 1984 She worked for a private industrial company (SULZER) in the Human Resources I.T. domain.

Sylviane DELARUE graduated in data processing from the University Paris XIII in 1981. She is French, married and has three children (one is 23 and twins who are 20).

Pierre Delsaux

Pierre Delsaux was born in Belgium in 1957. After studying Law at the University of Liège, he obtained his Master of Law at the Northwestern University, Illinois US, in 1983. He was Legal Secretary at the European Court of Justice from 1984 to 1987. His career within the European Commission has included working in the Directorate General  Competition   (1991-1994). Currently he is Director of Free movement of capital, Company Law and Corporate Governance at the Directorate General Internal Market and Services.

Recently Pierre Delsaux actively contributed to the European Commission reaction to the financial crisis in the areas of corporate reporting and governance, governance of supervisory and standard setting organisations, both at the EU and global level. His interests include also the application of community law across the EU, as well as the functioning of internal market, in financial services.

Caroline Dupae

Caroline has been involved in e-government projects for the Federal Public Service Finance Belgium. Currently she is project leader of the corporate tax return taxonomy development project.

Eric Evans

Eric Evans, Vice President, Business Development Eric Evans is the Vice President of Business Development at EDGAR Online and has held various roles in his 10 years with the company: Partner Relations, Account Management, Sales Operations, and most recently Business Development. In his position he is responsible for managing key partnerships focused on XBRL, such as RR Donnelley and Just Systems as well as Portal Partnerships like Yahoo! Finance, MSN, and Google.

Prior to joining EDGAR Online Eric has held positions in client management, marketing and overseeing corporate web sites, as well as an analyst with companies; such as, Aetna, Versus (formerly Outdoor Life Network) and Speed (formerly Speedvision). He also held a Series 7, 63, and sold financial products at The Guardian. Eric holds a BS in Finance from University of Connecticut and a MBA from University of Hartford.

Yao Feng

Mr Yao was born in 1960He graduated from the Department of Planning and Statistics of Hubei Finance College. 

From Aug 1983 to Feb 1993Mr Yao worked at the General Planning Department of Ministry of Finance as the Deputy Division Director

From Feb 1993 to Feb 1997Mr Yao worked at the Chinese Deputy Economic Development Trust and Investment Corporation as the Deputy General Manager of Securities Department, and before that he was the General Manager of the Enterprise Management Department

From Feb 1997 to Sep 1999Mr Yao worked at the China Travel Service (Holdings) Hong Kong Co. LtdHe served in these positions at CTSthe Deputy General Manager of Finance Departmentthe Deputy General Manager & the Head of Investment Departmentthe Deputy General Manager of CTS Investment Company.

MrYao joined the China Securities Regulatory Commission in Sept 1999Since thenhe has served in the following positionsthe Division Director of the Department of Intermediary SupervisionDeputy Director of the CSRC Guangzhou BureauDeputy Director of the Securities Company Risk Disposal Office.

Now Mr Yao is the Deputy Director & Counsel of the Department of Accounting in CSRC.

Francisco Flores-Muñoz

Francisco Flores-Muñoz is a full-time researcher in New Technologies in Accounting and Business Administration at the Business Faculty of the University of Huelva (Spain). His main research interests are IT, digital reporting, digital transparency on the web, Basel II, internal controls and the impact of the international regulations. He has published international articles in various journals, books and other publications. He is a member of the COREP-XBRL Group, reporting to the Committee of European Banking Supervisors for the implementation of Basel II in the European Union.

Edouard Francois de Lencquesaing

Edouard Francois de Lencquesaing was Executive Vice-President and Special Advisor to the Chairman, of CCF (Credit Commercial de France) until its merger with HSBC in 2004.

He began his career as a consultant with Arthur Andersen/ACCENTURE and later joined CCF where he spent 23 years in positions of increasing responsibility, including  deep involvement in the planning and successful launch of the Euro as the common currency for the European Union.

Since 2004 he has been a consultant to Banking and Financial sectors, and is  Special Advisor to Paris EUROPLACE, guiding the French financial industry in strategic planning and restructuring to further integrate France and the EU economy. In this context he participated,  to the creation of the French financial cluster FINANCE INNOVATION, defining the best conditions to boost innovation in technologies and financial products.

Edouard frequently participates in economic and financial forums as a speaker or moderator, and frequently

writes in leading French magazines and newspapers about strategic issues and challenges of  the financial industry in France, the EU, and globally.

Ralf Frank

Ralf Frank’s mission is to improve the usability of financial reporting and financial communication for investors and financial analysts by understanding and researching the interaction between financial data, reports and reporting instruments and user.

As part of a global network of experts in this field Ralf is promoting a user-centered financial reporting and communication design paradigm within which the flow of communication and its material is designed with its intended users in mind at all times.

His current focus is on:

  • Enhancing Business Reporting with extrafinancial reporting, Corporate Governance, (ESG), riskmanagement, intellectual capital
  • Specific needs and requirements for SMEs in stock markets (Small Caps)•    eXtensible Business Reporting Language XBRL
  • Intercultural investor communication

Ralf has access to a large global network of investment professionals from both sell- and buy-side firms. He is author of several articles and publications on usability and an appreciated speaker and panelist in Europe and abroad.

Ralf joined DVFA in 2002. He held several senior management positions at a einem US-american capital goods manufacturer and was Senior staff at a pan-European consulting firm.
He studied in Brussels, Essen, Manchester and holds an M.A. in Communications from Essen University/Germany and an MBA from Sheffield Hallam University/UK. In 2005 he finished a postgraduate program in Systemic Consulting & Therapy with the degree Systemic Consultant (SG).

Ralf is 46 years old and married. He has two sons aged 13 and 11.

Paola Fumiani

Paola graduated in Industrial Chemistry in 1981 and the same year joined InfoCamere.

She’s permanent member of the workgroup of the “Associazione XBRL Italia”  which has developed the XBRL taxonomy related to the Italian ‘civil code’ providing for the Financial Reporting by the Italian Business Entities.

She joined different EU projects i.e., the EBR – European Business Registers Open Network WINS, BRITE and presently the PEPPOL project,  giving assistance for the design of the project communication infrastructure, for the modeling of the security architecture , Web Services  and XBRL support

She’s also member of the XBRL EU Business Registers Working Group

Application Designer in InfoCamere for the corporate’s Certified E-Mail System (Italian acronym PEC  providing senders with legally valid electronic documentation of the sending and delivery of electronic documents) based on the corporate PKI infrastructure and Digital Signature technology,   actes as technical consultant for the adoption  of the  XBRL standard by the project and its pilot applications in the Italian Business Register

Gianluca Garbellotto

Gianluca Garbellotto is an internationally acknowledged expert on the business and technical aspects of the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) and XBRL Global Ledger Framework (XBRL GL), and has extensive experience in their implementation in the government and the private sector. He is the current Chair of the XBRL Global Ledger Working Group,, a past member of the XBRL Standards Board, and the XBRL columnist for IMA’s Strategic Finance magazine.

As an active member of various working groups within the XBRL International Consortium he has helped lead the development of XBRL's standards for internal use and has been a strong influence on XBRL's technical specifications. He is a frequent and sought out lecturer and trainer on XBRL and XBRL GL topics.

He has extensive experience in the banking and financial industry as well as in accounting and financial software development and implementation, with a specific focus on ERP systems, consolidation/business intelligence applications and XML/XBRL implementations. His clients' portfolio includes governments in various countries and global companies as well as leading professional, consulting and technology firms.

Alejandro Amelivia García

Ministry of Economy and Finance. Directorate General of Financial Coordination with Regional Governments and Local Agencies.


1999: Computer Engineering. University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain.

2008: degree on Systems, Technologies and Communications management.

1999-2004: working for several enterprises as Web technologies analyzer and developer.

2004. Became a civil Servant, IT area.

2005. Head of the group of e-administration procedures. Directorate Generale of Insurances, Ministry of Economy and Finance.

2006 – present. Head of the Unit of e Government. Directorate General of Financial Coordination with Regional Governments and Local Agencies.

Scott Gaul

Scott Gaul is the Product Development Manager for MIX, the world’s leading information provider for the microfinance industry and the developer of industry benchmarks and performance analysis of microfinance institutions. He joined MIX in early 2006. From 2006 to early 2008, Scott was responsible for MIX’s coverage of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ECA) and East Asia and the Pacific (EAP).

Prior to joining MIX, Scott worked on interest rate risk management and asset/liability management from both the software and business user sides, including two years consulting at the World Bank. He also has experience at a leading microfinance institution in Kyrgyzstan. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, and a master’s degree in International Economics and International Development from the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington.

Pierre-Yves Gauthier

Currently member of the management board of AlphaValue, Pierre Yves Gauthier (49) has been 25 years in equity research, exclusively on the “sell side”, successively as an analyst, a strategist and a manager at various brokerages. He held team management positions amongst others at Oddo Securities, Credit Lyonnais Securities and Goldman Sachs. AlphaValue is a pan European independent equity research effort that spans Europe and is probably the biggest such venture today in Europe with 22 analysts and about 500 large companies covered. Pierre-Yves’ role at AlphaValue is focussed on designing consistent analytical and valuation methodologies as well as on the actual daily management of equity research teams.

André Gräning


André Gräning is a research assistant at the Department of Information Systems esp. Infomation Systems in Manufacturing and Commerce at the Dresden University of Technology (TUD). He graduated from the Freiberg University of Technology with a degree in business administration in early 2007 and started his doctoral studies at TUD in 2007. His main research fields are semantic technologies, data integration, standardization and aspects of multidimensional data storage. 


Glen L. Gray

Glen L. Gray is a Professor of Accounting and Information Systems at California State University, Northridge. Glen received his PhD in 1987 from University of Southern California. He has been an academic member of XBRL International since 2000. His research interests include XBRL, auditing, IT controls, data mining, electronic financial reporting, and electronic commerce. He has conducted research projects funded by The IIA, the AICPA, ISACA, and Big-4 accounting firms.

Andy Greener

Andy Greener is an Enterprise Architect in the Strategy & Architecture Unit of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC - UK), and is also Strategy Architect for HMRC's XBRL-based Company Tax online service. He is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Information Technology Professional with over 28 years practical experience as a software engineer.

Véronique Guilloux

Véronique Guilloux is assistant professor and works in the “International Management Master” of  Paris 12 University.  Her research is tied with information systems - management and interorganizational relationships. Currently, she works on different themes: impact of IT standards; virtualisation in export procedures.

Pierre Hamon

Expert Comptable diplômé, Expert in Financial information Systems

2007 - etXetera, XBRL Solutions

Consulting and Partner of Semansys Technologies in France.

Active member of XBRL France involved in building of French accounts taxonomy, Taxonomy for Directors’ compensation, Training

1991 – Cartesis, France, Applications de gestion de la performance de l’entreprise

Director Product management.

Functional specification of a major version of the reporting application

 Developed with Semansys the first integrated solution to produce XBRL reports

Director Services, pre-sales and implementation of reporting solutions in France and Europe

1971 - Ernst & Young Audit, Paris

Senior manager: Audit of large international groups and group consolidation and reporting.

Clare Harrison

Clare has been deputy international editor at IR magazine since September 2006 where she writes on topics ranging from corporate governance and shareholder activism to disclosure issues and XBRL.

She has also written for the business sections of The Times, The Daily Telegraph, US compliance title Corporate Secretary magazine and CorpComms magazine. Prior to graduating in politics, philosophy and economics from the University of Oxford, she worked as a journalist in Honduras, Central America.

Jean Hilgers

Mr. Jean Hilgers is Director of the National Bank of Belgium. He has a degree in Applied Economics from the Universite Catholique de Louvain, degree in Economics and a preliminary studies qualification in Economics from the Facultes Universitaires St-Louis.

He holds several mandates including, Member of the Board of Directors of Clinique Generale Saint-Jean, Member of the Board of Directors of Clinique Saint-Etienne, Member Comite de stabilite financiere, Member of the High Council of Finance, Member of the Institut Belge de Finances Publiques and Member of the Committee of the Securities Regulation Fund, Director Museum of Europe, Member of the Board RTBF and Member of the Board of Directors Fonds de protection des depots et des instruments financiers.

Thomas Hillman

Thomas Hillman, CFA is co-head of the HOLT Valuation & Analytics group. HOLT is a corporate performance and advisory service of Credit Suisse, offering one of the most advanced corporate performance, valuation, and strategic analysis frameworks for the benefit of its institutional investor clients. The HOLT® framework covers over 20,000 equities in over 60 countries, including the recent adoption of the China XBRL data into their database. He was a volunteer on the CFA Institute Centre XBRL Working Group which recently published a white paper called eXtensible Business Reporting Language: A Guide for Investors.

Miles P. Jennings

Miles P. Jennings, Jr. founded OV Metrics, LLC ( in 2008 and is now the company's Owner/Manager. In March 2009, OV Metrics, LLC introduced a proprietary web-based analytic tool for the analysis and valuation of common stock portfolios.

In 2008 Mr. Jennings filed a provisional U.S. patent application regarding OV Metrics. Before retiring in 2000, Mr. Jennings was a stock and bond analyst at The Travelers Insurance Companies and was later associated with several brokerage firms in sales. He is founder/manager of the XBRL Network, a social network at, and is also owner of the Linked-in groups for "XBRL Network" and the "Portfolio Analytics Group." He is a member of Mensa.

Hanneke W. Knoop


  • Grant Thornton
  • Auditor Department Professional Practice


  • Master in Business economics, Erasmus University of Rotterdam,
  • Post-graduate financial audit program, RA (Certified Public Auditor), Catholic University of Brabant (Tilburg).


  • Hanneke has 17 years of experience in professional services within two big audit firms. Her experience comprises 11 year financial auditing, 4 year IFRS and IT consulting and 2 year experience within Department of Professional Practice.
  • Hanneke is also involved in the development of digital reporting services (XBRL), like developing the taxonomy for the NTP (Dutch Taxonomy Project), the development of covenants with the Dutch authorities (including the tax authority), the development of the electronic short version of the tax return (corporate income tax), etc.
  • Furthermore she is involved in changing the GT business model and services based on these changes, which also includes the efficient and effective implementation of these reporting processes based on XBRL within our organisation - GT The Netherlands. The total data and reporting flow including transaction systems and group reporting systems are changed, in order to improve our services for our clients based on this new technology.

Makoto Koizumi

No bio provided.

Marc-Olivier Lellouche

XBRL Business Unit Director at Umanis.

Graduated from IUPI (Institut Universitaire Pour l’Informatique, Paris France), in 1994.

Marc-Olivier begins his career as a sales engineer. 5 years later, he co-founds an IT consulting company specialized in the Business Intelligence.

Early in 2003 they develop a research department dedicated to the XBRL standard that positions the company as one of the historic actor in France.

In 2006 Umanis offers the possibility of developing the activity around XBRL and it is together that they will gain the first French project at the "Banque de France". Today Umanis is also involve in the continuation of this project with the gain of the SURFI project at “Banque de France”

With its expertise into developing XBRL platform, Umanis is now offering solutions to both regulators and end users with FinRisk, a full XBRL solution.

Today, Marc-Olivier is the Director of the XBRL business Unit at Umanis.

Sylvie Lépicier

Sylvie Lépicier graduated in Business and Administration from Sup de Co Rouen in 1980, from a French Law University (Paris X) in 1983 with a Master in Business Law, and from a Canadian Law University (Ottawa University) with a Master in Fiscal Law in 1983. She is also a Chartered Accountant. She began her career as a bank auditor in Touche Ross (Deloitte) in 1984, then she took the position of Operations Manager in CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) in Paris.

In 1993, she founded LGB Finance, a consultancy company specialized in banking and financial consultancy for investment banks. She merged the company in 2001 with a software group, Viveo. In addition to her position as LGB Finance’s CEO, she became  Général Manager for the IT solutions department  in 2004. In 2006, she fully joined XBRL France as an active board member, in charge of Marketing and Communication. She is the permanent representative of XBRL France at the Pôle Finance Innovation, a worldwide competitiveness cluster,  in order to promote projects linked with XBRL technology in Finance reporting. She is also deeply involved in actions targeted to improve transparency in financial and non-financial reporting in Europe.Sylvie Lépicier is Secretary General of XBRL France since July 2008.

Andrew Ling

Andrew Ling works at UBS, where he is the Chief Technology Officer for Equities Research and Sales Asia-Pacific; ensuring that investment in technology allows UBS to manage its business efficiently.

In this role, Andrew covers topics such as monetising research and client relationships, intellectual property protection and entitlements, and content management.  He is a member of the board of

He has worked at UBS for 9 years, with previous roles in Equities eProducts, and as Head of R&D for Equity Research.  Prior to this, he worked for I/B/E/S International, the research firm.  Andrew read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Lincoln College, Oxford.

Shiping Liu

Dr. Liu is presently serving as the Chairman and CEO of Global Business Intelligence Consulting Co. (GBICC). He also is a professor at the College of Computing & Communication Engineering at the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chief Scientist and Associate Director of Finance Sciences & Technology Center at Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently, he also is a member of China Tech Mentors of Entrepreneurs Action; a member of Expert Consulting Committee, China Tech Entrepreneur Association; a member of China Accounting Informatization Committee; a member of XBRL China Advisory Committee and Vice Chairman of XBRL China Steering Committee

During the career, he was a Researcher in Economics Research Center at Iowa State University, Senior Business Analyst at Providian Financial, Consultant/Senior Consultant/Executive Consultant of IBM as well as Worldwide Team Leader of data mining for financial institutions at IGS of IBM, and Executive Vice President at AsiaCorp.

In his career, Dr. Liu has published and presented more than 60 scientific and business articles in economics, risk management, environmental science, applied statistics, civil engineering, IT and financial IT journals, financial and bankers’ professional journals. He has been interviewed by many news papers, journals and TV Stations on various topics in the last 5 years in China.  His two books (Data Mining and Its Applications for Financial Institutions and XBRL and Its Applications) will be published in China soon. Dr. Liu had also won following awards:

  • 1995 best article in SAEA (Southern Agricultural Economics Association) and outstanding research award in the association.
  • 1998 IBM Achievement Award
  • 1999 IBM Innovation Achievement Award, Star Employee Award and Outstanding Consultant Award.
  • 2001 IBM Invention Award
  • 2005 Excellent Award of Returned Chinese Scholar Entrepreneurs
  • 2005 IT Person of Year in China
  • 2007 Excellent Award of Chun Hui Competition

José Luis Lizcano

Managing Director of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA). Coordinator and founder member of the Committee Research on Corporate Social  Responsibility (CSR) of AECA. Member or promoter of several research groups on CSR. Chairman of research group of the first mover XBRL taxonomy on CSR world. Author of numerous articles and papers on CSR and Leadership. Member of Editorial Advisory Board of the Responsible Media.  Participating in the consultation processes of interest groups in various

companies: Telefónica, CEPSA, BBVA, CECA, La Caixa, Pórtland Valderribas, Grupo Antena 3, companies: Telefónica, CEPSA, BBVA, ECSC, La Caixa, Portland Valderribas, Grupo Antena 3, Deloitte y CLH, Deloitte and CLH. Representative of AECA in different national and international forums on CSR: Global Reporting Iniciative, UN Global Compact, the Association XBRL Spain, Instituto Analysis of Intangibles, SpainSIF- Spanish Sustainable Investment Forum

Joanne Locke

Dr Joanne Locke is a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham, prior to which she taught at various universities in Australia and New Zealand. Joanne’s current research interests focus on the trend to global standardisation of business information. Specific areas researched include Enterprise Resource Planning systems and eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). Joanne is currently a member of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation’s XBRL Advisory Council.

Pia Löfgren

Pia Lofgren has been working at the Swedish Tax Agency with e-filing and income tax reports for businesse for many years. Pia Lofgren works as a Business Development Officer at the Headquater. 

Moira Lorenzo

Software Engineer from the University of Vigo (Spain). Financial Services senior consultant in Atos Origin with expertise in several XBRL projects like Development of COREP & FINREP Spanish extensions taxonomies, Spanish General Accounting Plan among others. Currently involved in XBRL-ES Jurisdiction technology working groups as taxonomy reviewer and other XBRL integration projects in Bank of Spain, for the financial reporting solution (reception, validation and processing of XBRL information). Main tasks involved are developing feasibility studies, analysis of XBRL tools in the market, and functional analysis of XBRL components integration. XBRL technical specialist during her career in Fujitsu Services Spain.

Paul Madden

Paul Madden is the Program Director for Standard Business Reporting (SBR) which is being led from within the Australian Treasury. The SBR Program is being developed in partnership between the government, software developers, accountants and business.  Paul co-ordinates the work of teams across 12 government agencies in this complex program, which will deliver a single financial reporting language (taxonomy) for Australian businesses to report to government. The SBR Program will also provide a new electronic channel for business to report electronically to government from their business software, and a single sign on for business to access secure government on-line services.

Prior to taking up this role, Paul was a First Assistant Commissioner with the Australian Tax Office responsible for the overall design (systems and business process) to support policy and administrative reforms with a client and staff experience focus.

Within the Tax Office, Paul also has also had responsibility for a range of Whole of Government service delivery activities, On-line Security and Authentication Processes and systems development and management of many large change projects including delivery of a major Tax Reform in 2000.

Gavin Marais

No bio provided.

Gavin Marais

Associate Director, Deloitte and Touche

Gavin Marais is an associate director and the XBRL Leader for Deloitte & Touche Southern Africa.

Gavin has been involved in the XBRL movement since 1999.  He started XBRL in South Africa in 2004, by canvassing the founding members of XBRL South Africa.  This lead to the approval of the South African jurisdiction by XBRL International Inc. in November 2005 and today the jurisdiction has established status.

Gavin represents XBRL South Africa on the ISC and is also a director of XBRL South Africa.  He currently serves as a member of the XBRL Quality Review Team of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation.

Gavin has also designed the South African taxonomies based on the IFRS Taxonomy, hosted various speaking engagements and seminars on IFRS and XBRL, designed the pension fund taxonomy for the South African market and implemented XBRL at various corporate businesses and regulators.

Dominique Marolleau

Dominique Marolleau began his career in 1971 at FIDUCIAIRE D’AQUITAINE , an accountancy firm. He was then detached to the managing direction of BIS; one of the major French Companies specialized in temporary work. In 1987 he joined the Coface Group and was named Operations Director at SCRL. This strong experience naturally led him to become chairman of the supervisory board of ON LINE a French SSII.

Since 2001 he’s now Managing Director for INFOGREFFE , the economic groupment of the French Registers. Until 2004 he actively participated to federate the French registers  around the same computer platform. But above all this Dominique Marolleau is the man who really gave true and modern technical resources to the French Registers as he dematerialized the companies’ main formalities. At the beginning of the year 2007 he chose XBRL as the format either for uploading or downloading annual accounts. He aims to make legal data always more accessible. He was elected Board Member of XBRL FRANCE on the 15th of May 2008.

Akira Matsuo

Akira Matsuo CPA,CISA is an Advisor in Tokyo Office of KPMG (AZSA) and a Professor of Graduate School of Profession Accountancy, Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo. He is actively involving in a XBRL working team in JICPA and in various Governments IT reforming projects and teaching IT audit and issues at the University.

Jean-Luc Menda

Mr. Jean-Luc Menda has been Deputy Director, Policy and Research, in the General Secretariat of the Banking Commission - Bank of France - since March 2004. He is presently supervising the Accounting and the IT divisions and is directly in charge of implementing XBRL reporting projects. He is also Vice President XBRL France and the representative member of the French jurisdiction in the International Steering Committee.

In 1991, he joined the off-site supervision Department of the General Secretariat of the Banking Commission, as a Senior Analyst, and took up the position of Division Chief, in charge of Mutual Banks, in 1996. In 1982, he joined the Bank of France as Manager in the External Relations Directorate. In 1989 he was seconded to the International Monetary Fund (Washington D.C.), as Advisor to the French Executive Director. Jean-Luc Menda studied Business and Economics at the Hautes Etudes Commerciales school (MBA), and the Institute for Political Sciences in Paris.

Ravi Mohan

Currently, (from 2003 onwards) functioning as General Manager in the Department of Banking Operations & Development of the Reserve Bank of India. Present job profile encompasses regulation of the commercial banking system in the country especially with regard to implementation of prudential norms and legislative reforms. Also the nominee of the Reserve Bank of India in the Accounting Standards Board in India, and also a member of the Task Force constituted for examining the possibility of convergence of Indian Accounting Standards with International Financial Reporting Standards. Represents India in the Standards Implementation Group on Operational Risk (SIGOR) of Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) and the Definition of Capital Sub-Group of BCBS. Working closely in the project on XBRL implementation in Reserve Bank of India.

Prior to this, worked with the Department of External Investments and Operations of Reserve Bank of India during the period 1999 -2003 as the Chief Investment Dealer heading the group managing the foreign exchange reserves of the country.  

From 1992 to 1999 functioned as a Member of Faculty at the apex Training College of the Reserve Bank of India, responsible for designing and conducting training programmes in areas such as Treasury Management, Investment Management, Risk Management, International Finance and Banking Regulation/Supervision for officers of Reserve Bank of India and officers deputed from Central Banks of developing countries besides several commercial banks.  

Started the career with Reserve Bank of India in 1984 as a middle level executive. The initial posting in Reserve Bank of India was in the Bank Supervision Department as an On-site Examiner and Off-site Supervisor in different offices of R.B.I..

Carlos Montalvo Rebuelta

Carlos Montalvo Rebuelta is the Secretary General of CEIOPS, the Committee of European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Supervisors, since the 1st of November, 2007.  Prior to that, Mr. Rebuelta was an insurance supervisor for the DGSFP, the Spanish insurance supervisory authority, where he headed the International Area of the Supervisory Department and coordinated insurance group and financial conglomerate related issues.

He is an attorney with a diploma in economics and has carried out both national and international tasks, such as on-site inspections or participation in different legislative initiatives. Mr. Rebuelta has also been involved in qualitative supervision related issues, including the chairmanship of CEIOPS working group on internal control for insurance undertakings (Madrid Group), and has participated as invited professor in different fora.

Brad J. Monterio

Brad J. Monterio has more than 20 years of management, marketing, branding, fundraising, communications, public relations, product management/development and design experience working with nationally recognized organizations. Mr. Monterio speaks often about business, marketing and communications issues for professionals.

His recent topics include: “Communicating Across the Generations,” “Microtrends in Marketing – An Exponential Shift,” “Media Relations Means Money in the Bank,” “Simple Steps to an Effective Marketing Plan,” “Using Media Relations to Build Brand Awareness and Attract Clients,” and “The Art of Media Pitching.” He has also authored articles on sustainability reporting, “green audits,” marketing and communications topics. Mr. Monterio joined Colgren Communications Group, Inc./Colcomgroup in early 1998. As a Managing Director, his role with Colcomgroup currently focuses on overall management, strategic and business planning, financial management, image development, marketing, product branding, fundraising, media relations, communications and research. In addition, he is responsible for developing new business opportunities, programs and affiliations. Colcomgroup provides counsel to clients in the accounting/XBRL, financial services/wealth management, legal, technology, real estate, clean technology/sustainable development, and consumer goods sectors.

Mr. Monterio has been providing strategic counsel to the global XBRL consortium since it was founded in 1998. In 2008, Mr. Monterio also formed CMH Partners, an affiliate of Colcomgroup. CMH Partners provides boutique investment banking advisory services, including private placement agent services (capital fundraising for private equity funds, hedge funds and fund of funds), debt and equity financing (e.g., bridge, mezzanine), XBRL and ESG (environmental, social and governance) advisory services, strategic global partnering, and business development. The firm targets sectors such as FinTech, CleanTech and Distressed Real Estate. CMH Partners offers its securities through Mid-Market Securities LLC, a FINRA and SIPC licensed broker-dealer. Mr. Monterio has also previously served in senior marketing and product management positions at Chase Manhattan Bank (in International Private Banking), Fitz and Floyd, Inc. (home furnishings manufacturer), Silvestri, Inc. (seasonal products manufacturer), and his proprietary consulting firm. Mr. Monterio is a 1988 graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in English. Mr. Monterio is a board member of the Sustainability Working Group responsible for Standards and Strategic Relationships. He is also a member of the Institute of Management Accountants, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and AccountAbility. Mr. Monterio is a member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and a current member of its Communications Section Council Committee where he is the incoming Vice Chair.

Javi Mora

Javi Mora was born in Muro del Alcoy (Spain) on December 29th, 1981, he is Engineer in Computer Science and also in Telecommunications by the University of Valencia. Javi worked at the Institute of Robotics (IDEAFIX group) of the University of Valencia where he researched on XML vocabularies (XBRL, HL7, EDXL, etc.). He has also worked at the company TISSAT S.A. as a Java developer. In 2007 Javi joined the XBRL Spain Association as a Technology Coordinator, and since 2008 he is the manager of the Association.

Víctor Morilla

Víctor Morilla is, since 2005, a project manager in the Bank of Spain where he is focused on delivering financial reporting solutions for the Regulatory Banking Department. He is one of the principal authors of the COREP and FINREP taxonomies and their Spanish extensions. He is responsible for the development of the IT systems that supports the reporting of the Basel II Accord information to the Bank of Spain. He is a member of the XBRL Network of the Committee of European Banking Supervisors, the XBRL Quality Review Team of the IASC Foundation, the XML Task Force of the European Central Bank, and is Vice-Chair of the Formula Working Group of XBRL International.
Víctor graduated, in 1994, as a Telecommunications Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He completed his Master Thesis with distinction at the Artificial Intelligence Department at this University, in collaboration with the Linguistics Chair of the Autónoma University of Madrid. He started his professional career in 1994 at the research and development branch of a multinational telecommunications company where he developed management systems and worked on the analysis of standard telecommunications protocols. In 2000, he moved to the IT department of the holding company of the group where he specialised in business intelligence and financial reporting supply chain related systems, from where he joined the Bank of Spain in 2005.

Diane Mueller

Vice Chair, Board of Directors, XBRL International

Diane Mueller has been actively involved in the development efforts of the XBRL standard for the past nine years. She is the Canadian representative to the XBRL International Steering Committee, serves as Vice Chair of that body, and chairs the XBRL Working Groups on Rendering and Software Interoperability. She currently serves as vice president of XBRL development at JustSystems, the largest independent software vendor in Japan and a worldwide leader in XML and information management technologies.

Nils-Bro Müller

Senior advisor DCCA (Danish Commerce and Companies Agency)1970-1977  political science/history University of Copenhagen.

Have been working with IT since the early 80´ies first for the Ministry of Finance and since 1999 For DCCA, where I have been responsible for the development  of the government BtoG portal, and other self service solutions. Responsible for the development of the Danish XBRL solution.

Have been working with XBRL since 2005, and I'm a member of the board of XBRL Denmark.

Pablo Navarro

Telecommunication engineer. High Diploma at University Polytechnic Madrid.  Member of taxonomy and technology working groups of XBRL-ES Jurisdiction. He has participated actively in the development of XBRL Standard through projects like FLIPA taxonomy for XBRL CRAS group, CNMV spanish exchange comission, Dutch Taxonomy Project revision process and other minor collaborations in XBRL International working groups like XBRL Formula WG, Dimension or Versioning WG. He has proven track record developing XBRL projects in the financial sector and corporate reporting like Bank of Spain, Santander Group, INTECO among others.. He has developed his professional career as technical IT arquitect and Business consultant in companies like Azertia, CapGemini, Software AG and Atos Origin, being involved in different responsibility tasks in main areas of Information Technology design and development of solutions based on XML and J2EE. He is currently working as XBRL Business Consultant in the Financial Services Consulting Unit at Atos Origin, Spain and is currently involved in several reporting solutions at banking, regulatory, financial and general accounting areas.

Yossef Newman

Yossef Newman is an Audit Director and global project leader for XBRL at Deloitte.  He specializes in technology assisted auditing with a focus on the financial services industry.  During his career, Yossef has served a wide range of clients including brokerage and investment firms, government securities dealers and mortgage banking entities.  Yossef is also an active leader in the global development and adoption of XBRL.  He currently serves as a member of the Best Practices Board of XBRL International and as a member of the XBRL Quality Review Team of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation.  

Yossef graduated from Touro College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.  He is a member of the AICPA and the New York State Society of CPA’s.

Ray Nightingale

Ray has over 40 years of experience in the ICT security and information assurance areas. He has worked within both the government and commercial environments.

An engineer by training he is formally educated in Organisational Structure & Behaviour and Business Management. He has extensive experience as an engineer, project and operations manager and policy developer. Ray has been involved in, and delivered, a number of large-scale projects.

Ray served with the Royal Air Force in the telecommunications area for 25 years, became a senior manager in Cable & Wireless plc, later Chief Technical Officer and Director of a private company and is now working with the Global Trust Center.

Ray has represented commercial organisations in a number of governmental meetings and has also, represented governments at EU and G8 level international meetings addressing Cybercrime, regulatory requirements, ICT security and information assurance topics.

As Policy Director at the Global Trust Center, Ray has been involved in the development of Global Trust Center policies and has recently been engaged in the development of the XBRL based Financial Reporting set. He continues to deliver industry specific policies against a range of user business process based requirements.

Daniele Nouy

Ms. Daniele Nouy is currently Secretary General of the French Banking Commission.  In 1974 she joined Banque de France.  She worked at the Banking Supervisory Commission (previous name of the French Banking Commission) form 1976-1985.  From 1985-1986 she was Representative of the Banque de France in New York.  From 1986-1987 she was in the Foreign Department of Banque de France in charge of research work on Euromarkets.  She headed back to the Banking Commission in 1987 as Head of the Research Department and Policy Group (1987-1990); Director of Financial Institutions Supervision (1990¬1994); Director, Associate to the General Secretary of Commission Bancaire, French member of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Chairman of the Basel

Committee sub-group in charge of derivatives (1994-1996).  From 1996-1998 she served as Deputy Secretary General of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.  From 1998-2003 she was Secretary General of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.  She has been Secretary General of the French Banking Commission since November 2003 and Chair of the

Committee of European Banking Supervisors - CEBS, between January 2006 and January 2008.

Mohandas Pai

Mr. Mohandas Pai is Member of the Board and Director-Human Resources, Education and Research and Administration, for Infosys Technologies. He joined Infosys in 1994 and has served as a Member of the Board since May 2000, as well as Chief Financial Officer from 1994 to 2006. 

As CFO, Mohan played a strategic role in transforming Infosys into one of the world’s most respected and widely known software services companies. He formulated the country’s first publicly articulated financial policy for the company and played a key role in branding the company among the investor community and enhancing transparency and disclosure levels. 

Mohan was an integral part of the Infosys team that enabled the first listing of an India-registered company on NASDAQ and the first sponsored secondary offering of American Depositary Shares by an Indian company. He was been recognized many times for his work as CFO, including being voted ’CFO of the Year’ in 2001 by IMA India (formerly EIU India) and American Express.

Mohan is currently a member of the SEBI Accounting Standards Sub-committee and the Empowered Committee for setting up the Tax Information Network of the GoI. He also works with the union and state governments in the fields of education, Information Technology and business. Mohan is a Trustee of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation, the body that oversees the International Accounting Standards Board.

Mohan holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore, and a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from Bangalore University. He is also a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA).

Alexandre Pailloncy

Alexandre is a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory in France, with an extensive experience in terms of financial reporting and a significant track record regarding the implementation of reporting processes and tools.
Over the last 12 years, he has led numerous projects related to Business Performance Management and Finance Function Effectiveness, including:
§       Finance function optimization and reorganization,
§       Post-Deal assistance for the implementation of reporting processes
§       Integration of newly acquired sub-group
§       Merger of accounting and reporting processes in a single tool,
§       Implementation of multi-GAAP (IFRS and US) reporting,
§      Translation of complex structures’ transactions (merger, acquisition) in the consolidated accounts,
§      Overall management of the consolidation process and in-depth analysis of consolidated financial statements.

Amy R. Pawlicki

Amy R. Pawlicki is Director – Business Reporting, Assurance & Advisory Services (BRAAS) and XBRL for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  Ms. Pawlicki is responsible for the coordination of AICPA activities related to the work of the Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium, a collaborative organization dedicated to improving the quality and transparency of business information that is reported and used for decision-making purposes.  She is also responsible for building awareness and understanding among the AICPA membership of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language).  Ms. Pawlicki also staffs the AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee, which is focused on providing assurance guidance to improve the quality, relevance and usefulness of information, and providing leadership and recommendations which identify and prioritize emerging trends and market needs related to assurance.

Giancarlo Pellizzari

After a Master in Business Economics and a complementary Master in Finance and Accounting, Giancarlo started his carrier at Ernst & Young. In 2002, he joined the CBFA (Belgian supervisor) where he was responsible for the accounting, compliance and XBRL policy for banking and insurance institutions. He was member of various committees within CEBS, Basel Committee, CEIOPS and IAIS. Giancarlo also had the opportunity to participate in the development of the first IFRS taxonomy and was co-responsible of the development of the Belgian-FINREP and CEBS-FINREP taxonomies. He’s now Head of Prudential Policy at Dexia Holding.

He has the responsibility for Solvency (banking and insurance), financial reporting and XBRL, within the Finance department. He is also member of various Banking Committees and Working Groups of professional associations, of the CEBS Industry Experts Group and of the editorial board of the "Revue Banque et Finance" in Belgium.

Haiko Philipp

Haiko Philipp is a member of the IASCF XBRL Team, who publish the IFRS Taxonomy. Haiko is responsible for the versioning aspect of the IFRS Taxonomy and is a member of the XBRL International versioning working group. He is also involved in conception and implementation of other XBRL projects at the IASCF. Haiko is a candidate for an MSc in Computer Science and Business Studies at the University of Technology at Darmstadt, Germany and his thesis is on meta data modelling and integration.

Michal Piechocki

 Michal Piechocki is a Chief Executive of the Business Reporting – Advisory Group (BR-AG) - a leading advisory company helping institutions and companies implement business reporting solutions using XBRL. As a CEO Michal advises international governmental and supervisory institutions on adoption of XBRL. His expertise contributed to projects in Europe, Australia and North and South America. Michal serves also as an At-Large Representative at the XBRL International Steering Committee and a member of the XBRL Quality Review Team at the IASC Foundation. He is also a judge in several Polish and international IFRS and XBRL related competitions.
Prior to his leadership of BR-AG Michal worked as a member of the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) Foundation XBRL Team developing the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) XBRL taxonomy and related projects.
Michal graduated from the Poznan University of Economics (Management Department with majors in Capital Investments and Corporate Financial Strategies) where he received Master’s degree in economics and continues his education as a PhD Candidate at the Technische Universitat Freiberg, Germany. Michal is an author of a number of publications and books on the XBRL standard and related topics and a speaker at various international IFRS and XBRL conferences.

Dorothy Price Hill

Dorothy Price Hill is Director of Global Business Development for Colcomgroup, a marketing and communications consultancy based in New York. She is also Parter at CMH Partners LLC, a private placement agent and investment banking advisory firm that offers securities through Mid-Market Securities, LLC, a FINRA/SIPC registered broker-dealer based in New York. She has more than 15 years'  experience with global corporations and financial services firms including Goldman Sachs International, Credit Suisse, McKinsey, and Siemens.  Ms. Price Hill joined Colgren Communications Group, Inc./Colcomgroup in 2008. Her role with Colcomgroup currently focuses on global business development, strategic and business planning, financial management, image development, government and regulatory affairs, fundraising, media relations, communications and research. In addition, she helps to develop new business opportunities, programs and affiliations. Colcomgroup provides counsel to clients in the accounting/XBRL, financial services/wealth management, alternative investments, healthcare, legal, technology, real estate, clean technology/sustainable development, and consumer goods sectors.


In 2008, together with David Colgren and Brad Monterio, Ms. Price Hill formed CMH Partners, an affiliate of Colcomgroup. CMH Partners provides boutique investment banking advisory services, including private placement agent services (capitalraising for corporations, private equity funds, hedge funds and fund of funds), debt and equity financing, XBRL and ESG (environmental, social and governance) advisory services, strategic global partnering, and business development. The firm's sector focus is on FinTech, CleanTech and Healthcare as well as opportunistic growth areas such as Distressed Real Estate.

She commenced her career at the Council on Foreign Relations in the International Trade group; she assisted with the research and publication of three books and organized study groups chaired by Pete Peterson (Chairman of CFR and Senior Chairman of The Blackstone Group). Her corporate experience includes Siemens with positions in investor and press relations as well as sales and accounting. Following business school, she worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. Europe in their Financial Institutions Group. Her projects include co-authoring McKinsey's first European Internet Commerce report on the World Wide Web. She was with Goldman Sachs for nearly seven years in M&A ratings advisory, debt capital markets, risk management and private equity with assignments in Germany, Japan and the UK. Before joining Colcomgroup, she worked on Investment Teams at Capital Dynamics and SV Investment Partners (former Schroeder Ventures) in New York and Switzerland with a focus on the alternative investments sector.

Ms. Price Hill has an MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business in Finance and IT and a BA from Dartmouth College with a double major in Government (International Relations) and German. Dorothy serves on the management team of 85 Broads' (Goldman Sachs alumnae) NY Chapter and is a Board member of Astia Life Sciences and the Executive Club of New York. She is a member of the Risk Management Association (RMA), 100 Women in Hedge Funds and the Ivy Referral Network.

Lukas Pruschke

Lukas Pruschke is a member of the IASC Foundation XBRL Team and is responsible for deploying XML and XBRL related technologies in various IFRS and XBRL related projects. Before joining the IASC Foundation, Lukas was a Research Assistant at Fraunhofer's Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute (IPSI) in Darmstadt, Germany. Lukas is a candidate for a Diploma in Computer Science and Business Studies at the University of Technology at Darmstadt. Alongside his activities within the IASC Foundation, Lukas is currently working on his diploma thesis on XML data modelling for digital, interactive and adaptive learning environments.

Dave Raggett

Member, XSB

Dave Raggett has been closely involved with the development of standards for the World Wide Web from a very early stage, including HTTP, HTML, ECMAScript, XHTML, MathML, XForms and VoiceXML. As a JustSystems-sponsored W3C Fellow, Dave has organized workshops on HTML, printing on the Web, math on the Web, voice, and multimodal interaction, as well as chartering working groups on a range of topics.

Dave's current focus is on realizing the potential for financial data as part of the Web. Filing annual and quarterly reports in XBRL is a good start, but we now need to focus on how to exploit this data and how to combine it with other kinds of information increasingly available on the Web. As our understanding of what this means and how to achieve it improves, we can expect to see a need for changes to standards, including XBRL.

In addition to helping to forge closer links between XBRL International and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Dave is taking a hands on approach to working with XBRL. He has developed tools for mapping XBRL filings into RDF for use with Semantic Web technologies, and for rendering XBRL as a web service. He aims to make it really easy for all kinds of websites to embed financial data. Dave is an experienced software architect and has a doctorate in Astrophysics from the University of Oxford.

A.S. Ramasastri

Dr Ramasastri has been working as Adviser and Mr Ravimohan as General Manager in Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Both have been involved in the implementation of XBRL-based data submission by banks to the RBI.

Deepta Rangarajan

Deepta Rangarajan, a co-founder of IRIS, has 16+ years of experience in operations, previously worked at American Express Bank and headed CRISIL's North India operations (CRISIL is India’s first credit rating agency, a subsidiary of Standard and Poors).. Deepta has played a key role in the conceptualization and design of almost all of IRIS' information products and services, including the content management system and She now works largely on IRIS' XBRL practice. Deepta is a Chemical Engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad; and was featured in 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish', a bestseller on entrepreneurs from IIM Ahmedabad.

P. R. Ravimohan

No bio provided.

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Roberts is the past-Chairman of the XBRL US Steering Committee and past member of a number of XBRL working groups, including International and US Assurance working groups. He has a strong and longstanding interest is issues of Sustainability and effective business reporting. He is based in France/UK.

Manuel Rodríguez

Graduated in Computer Science at the University of Bask Country (Spain). Proven track record in managing and developing Banking projects, and designing technical architectures and banking applications with several XBRL reporting initiatives in his background.

Manuel is at present Financial Services Consulting Manager in Atos Origin, responsible for the integration of distributed systems architectures and XBRL projects. XBRL specialist, leading projects and initiatives since 2004. He was in charge of the XBRL practice during his career at Fujitsu Services, Spain (2004/2005). Member of the XBRL Spain Technology and Taxonomies working groups.

Saeed Roohani

Published over 30 articles, on Editorial Board of three journals, edited a research monograph funded by PricewaterhouseCoopers Trust and Data Assurances in Capital Markets: The Role of Technology Solutions ; Program Chair of annual Global XBRL Academic Competition, Moderator of XBRL Research Opportunity Forum that is sponsored by PwC; research area includes financial reporting supply chain; corporate governance; synergy between IT and accounting and auditing; XBRL and International Financial Reporting Standards, and forensic accounting. Professor Roohani has promoted innovative curriculum and established meaningful relations with local, national, and international accounting firms, he has serves as consultant to firms about issues and Sarbanes Oxley and IFRS compliance, to Financial Accounting Foundation SEC US GAAP Taxonomy project,he is the founding Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Accounting Careers Leadership Institute at Bryant University. He ocasionally supervises PhD students working on XBRL research from other countries.

Katrin Schmehl

Katrin Schmehl, who holds a degree in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences of the German Central Bank, works as a software engineer in the IT department of the Deutsche Bundesbank where for the past six years, she has specialised in the development of web applications for banking supervision purposes. Since October 2004 she has represented the Deutsche Bundesbank in the CEBS XBRL Network of the CEBS where she played a central role in the development of the Common Reporting (COREP) and Financial Reporting (FINREP) taxonomies for European Banking Supervisors.

She has participated as a speaker at many of the European Banking Supervisors XBRL Workshops that were organised to exchange information about the XBRL development process in Europe for COREP and FINREP, with particular emphasis on explaining the dimensional aspects of the COREP and FINREP taxonomies to taxonomy editors who were adopting the CEBS XBRL approach. For the last two years she has been in charge of the integration of XBRL reporting into an application system of the Deutsche Bundesbank, with a special focus on extending the COREP taxonomy to meet the specific German requirements for Solvency Reporting within the European COREP framework. As Vice-Chair of the Versioning Working Group, she is currently deeply involved in the development of the XBRL Versioning Specification.

Ana Cristina Sepúlveda

Ms. Ana Cristina Sepúlveda is the Head of the XBRL Team at the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (SVS), the Chilean securities and insurance supervisor. They developed the SVS CL-CI 2008 XBRL taxonomy for reporting of financial statement under IFRS for those entities whose stocks are the most actively traded on the Stock Exchange. It is an extension from IFRS-GP 2006, the latest version since they started the project. She is currently working in the development of the taxonomy for reporting next year. It will be an extension of IFRS 2009 XBRL taxonomy. She has participated in national and international seminars about XBRL. She has showed the development taxonomy project and given supporting to the entities that have to adopt this new language. Until 2007, she led the team that developed the project that manages statistical information available on the website of the SVS. Before that, she worked nearly 15 years in the Financial Control Division of the SVS, responsible for oversight of corporate issuers. She is a graduate in Business Administrator from University of Chile, Administration and Economics School. Also, she got the grade of Master Business Administration from Adolfo Ibañez University (Chile).

Olivier Servais

Olivier Servais is Director of XBRL Activities at the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) Foundation, the oversight body of the IASB, a private, not-for-profit organisation responsible for the development and promulgation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the IFRS Taxonomy.  In his capacity of Director Olivier is responsible for coordinating all of the Foundation’s XBRL-related activities and resources in order to accelerate the implementation and adoption of IFRSs with XBRL, working with private and public organisations, regulators, jurisidctions and other interest groups. 

Olivier has extensive experience in co-ordinating international XBRL developments, having served as Secretary General and then European Director of XBRL International, and as a member of the XBRL International Steering Committee, the Consultative Working Group of CESR Transparency, and the Eurostat XBRL Pilot Task Force.  

Olivier holds a Licentiate’s degree (Ingénieur commerical) in Business Administration and a post-university degree in SME Administration, both from ICHEC, Brussels and he is also the author of various publications on the subject of XBRL.

Tadashi Shiozaki

Tadashi Shiozaki is XBRL section manager of Takara Printing.  Takara Printing is vice chairman company of XBRL Japan.  He is also chairman of XBRL Japan development committee.  He has about 10 years experience of accounting, and also has 10 years experience of IT technology.

Tadashi Shiozaki proposed a very unique system at Takara's XBRL tool.  Auto tagging system" which can tag XBRL element automatically from excel manuscript.  In this "Auto tagging system", Takara supported about half of Japanese  EDINET XBRL submitting.  He will show you "How Takara supported 710 submitting in one day" at Case Studies in XBRL Solutions.

Michal Skopowski

Michal Skopowski is an assistant professor at the Poznan University of Economics (Department of Money Theory and Monetary Policy) and IFRS/COFINREP expert for the Business Reporting - Advisory Group Ltd (BR-AG). He is an author of publications in the field of banking supervision and banking reporting in Poland and Europe.

Michal conducts trainings for financial institutions implementing XBRL based reporting systems, in particular extensions of IFRS, COREP and FINREP taxonomies. Michal is also a consultant in XBRL implementation projects related to extending of those taxonomies. On the European level, Michal participates in works of the XBRL FINREP group helping to extend the IFRS taxonomy for the needs of banking supervision.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is involved with customer strategy and policy within the UK's HM Revenue & Customs and has worked on many of their major computer projects since the mid 1980's. Since 2001 he has acted as an evangelist for the benefits to business and Government of XBRL in enabling process improvement and improving data quality and availability. Jeff represents HMRC on the XBRL UK Consultative Committee and has been a speaker at many XBRL conferences.

Paul Snijders

Paul was amongst the first members of XBRL is co-founder and vice chair of the Dutch jurisdiction of XBRL International and one of the driving forces behind the global adoption of XBRL. Paul has a background in finance and accounting and is involved in pragmatic implementations of digital reporting on a daily basis. As member of the International Specification Workgroup, chairman of the section Technology of XBRL The Netherlands, member of the Implementation Group of XBRL-UK, the Tools Section of XBRL-Germany and the CRAS workgroup, Paul has gained recognition as an expert in definition and deployment of the standard. Paul was founding board member and director of the 'XBRL in Europe' consortium.

Paul was the initiator of the first XBRL projects in the Europe and involved in the Netherlands Taxonomy Project for nation wide implementation of XBRL for all Dutch enterprises.

He has a history in:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Financial Consolidation Industry
  • Decision Support, Executive Information Systems
  • Business Intelligence & data warehousing
  • Semantic modeling solutions
  • XBRL standardization Committee

Rajendra P. Srivastava

Rajendra P. Srivastava is Ernst & Young Distinguished Professor of Accounting and Director of the Ernst & Young Center for Auditing Research and Advanced Technology at the School of Business, University of Kansas. He holds a Ph.D. in accounting from the University of Oklahoma, Norman (1982) and a Ph.D. in physics from Oregon State University, Cor¬vallis (1972). Professor Srivastava has published over eighty papers in refereed journals. His publications have appeared in such prestigious journals as The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, and many other accounting and AI journals. He received the 1996 Award for Notable Contribution to AI & Expert Systems Research in Accounting from the AI/Emerging Technology Section of the American Accounting Association. He is currently Associate Editor of Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, AI/ET Section Journal of the American Accounting Association, and has been a member of the Editorial and Review Board of several journals including: The Accounting Review (1989-1993), Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory (July 1993-2005), Indian Accounting Review, International Journal of Auditing, and International Journal of Accounting and Information Systems. Professor Srivastava served as the Chairman of the AI/Emerging Technology Section of American Accounting Association during 1994-95. In addition to academic publications, Professor Srivastava’s research has resulted into patentable ideas. FRAANK and SEEK-INF are the two such technologies. In addition to the expertise in decision making under uncertainty using Dempster-Shafer theory of belief functions, Professor Srivastava has been involved in conducting research on XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) and has published several articles related to this topic. For further details, see the website

Said Tabet

Said Tabet is Co-Chair of the OCEG Technology Council, Technical Director for the OCEG GRC-XML Program. He is leading efforts to develop and deliver XBRL Taxonomies for Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Said is a dedicated member of the standards community involved in software initiatives worldwide, collaborating with large and small companies. Said is the co-founder of the RuleML Group, a non-profit organization focused on the standardization of business rules and rule-based systems. RuleML runs a yearly International Conference in conjunction with the Business Rules Forum.

Said has been involved in the development of Business and Enterprise Architectures, Rule-based IT systems for close to two decades with domains of application including risk and compliance, accounting and financial reporting using XBRL, trading platforms, mortgage and insurance systems, eGovernment, healthcare, and others.

Said has been working more recently on Model Driven (MDA) XBRL and XBRL GL to deliver a standards-based modeling capability using popular enterprise IT development tools.

Said is a regular speaker and panelist at academic and industry conferences and workshops worldwide.

Bruno Tesniere

Bruno Tesnière is a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit, France. Bruno Tesnière has, since 2000, contributed to the development of XBRL through participation to the consortium. Bruno is the current chair of the XBRL Advisory Council of the IASCF. The XBRL Advisory Council provides strategic advice to the Trustees and the Foundation's XBRL team on the future development and adoption of the XBRL Taxonomy for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). He is also a member of the Federation of European Accountants (FEE) XBRL Task Force representing the French auditing profession at this committee. He is Vice President of XBRL France.

Harm Jan van Burg


Harm Jan van Burg is senior policy-maker of the Directorate General of the Tax and Customs Administration, part of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Finance.

He is currently the programme director for the Netherlands’ Standard Business Reporting Programme – a Netherlands government initiative to reduce administrative burdens. The SBR programme is also one of the programmes of “renewal of Government services” in The Netherlands. 

With a degree in social sciences and having previously worked for the Dutch Post and Telecommunications, Harm Jan has been active in various roles across the Dutch Civil Service since 1983, linked mostly with corporate communications and electronic filing. He was responsible for the pioneering videotext services and the first tax administration website. He was involved in developing electronic tax filing from 1996 onwards and from 2003 till 2009 vice-chair of the intergovernmental management team for the co-ordination of e-government development in the Netherlands.

Other examples of his work areas include customs communications, chain management for tax form production and distribution, innovation and development of E-tax services. 

Worldwide tax administrations are actively interested in open standards for tax interoperability. The OECD Forum on Tax Administrations (along with OASIS – the world standards organisation for e-commerce) took the initiative to form the tax-XML technical committee. Since 2003, several tax administrations, together with major software vendors and accountancy firms, have joined this committee. Harm Jan has been the promoter and chair of this committee from the outset in 2003 till it finalised its business in 2009. He was awarded the Dutch XML award for his efforts. During this time he was also chair of OASIS- E-gov for two years and presently member of the Netherlands delegation in UNCEFACT 

Convinced of the added value of standardisation, focusing on increasing the efficiency and transparency in financial reporting processes between businesses and government, Harm Jan was the initiator of the Netherlands Taxonomy Project (awarded the Netherlands innovation award in 2006) – which now is proceeding as the Standard Business Reporting Programme.


Hans van Damme

On 18 December 2008, the leaders of 43 accountancy professional bodies from 32 European countries unanimously appointed Hans van Damme, as FEE President for a two years term.

Hans van Damme was Deputy President of the Executive Board of the European Federation of Accountants (FEE) since 2003 and Vice president in charge of Financial Reporting. In that capacity he has been at the heart of FEE’s involvement with financial reporting and amongst others member of the Supervisory Board of EFRAG (the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group, a private body advising the European Commission on the endorsement of IFRSs). He is also involved in the auditors' delegation on the Round table on IFRS implementation. Having started as a member of the Bank's Working Party in 1993 he became chairman of that group in the course of 2001. As a result of the involvement in the Banks Working Party he was co-chair of the Financial Instruments Subgroup. From the start of the Financial Reporting Policy Group in the course of 2003 he chairs this group that is advising FEE on policy related matters in the area of financial reporting. Further he is co-chair of the joint EFRAG-FEE working group on financial reporting for SMEs.

Hans became a Qualified public accountant (Registered Accountant) in 1978, subsequent to a study and degree in business economics at the University of Amsterdam (1975). He is an audit partner at KPMG in the Netherlands based in the Amsterdam Financial Services Practice. He serves top clients from the banking and leasing sector, both quoted and non-quoted. For many years he was responsible for the professional practice department within Financial Services. He has first hand experience both in auditing and advisory services. 

About FEE 

FEE (Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens – Federation of European Accountants) represents 43 professional institutes of accountants and auditors from 32 European countries, including all of the 27 EU Member States” 

In representing the European accountancy profession, FEE recognises the public interest.  It has a combined membership of more than 500.000 professional accountants, working in different capacities in public practice, small and big firms, government and education, who all contribute to a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable European economy. 

For more information: or Tel: + 32 2 285 40 85

Hilde Van de Velde

Hilde Van de Velde is a Senior Manager within the Brussels practice of Deloitte. Since two years she has been working as the full-time programme manager of the European Commission’s large-scale measurement of administrative burdens imposed on European businesses. She has also been involved in administrative burden projects across Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria,…). Besides her expertise in Administrative Burden reduction, Hilde has been leading several major reengineering projects for Belgian government administrations.

Marc van Hilvoorde

At the Tax and Customs Administration The Netherlands (Belastingdienst) Marc is responsible for the development and implementation of digital reporting based on collaboration and open standards between the market, the tax administration and Dutch government. Marc is actively involved in the implementation and development of XBRL for years, as technical projectmanager of the Dutch National Taxonomy Project and member of the XBRL International Standards Board and the IASCF XBRL Advisory Council.

Frans van Schaik

Professor Frans van Schaik is an advisor in IPSAS implementation to national governments and international public sector organisations.

He is a member of IPSASB (International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board), the worldwide standard setting body for the financial reporting by governments and intergovernmental organizations.

Frans van Schaik has been an accounting and auditing partner of Deloitte in the Netherlands since 1996. He holds the Registeraccountant-degree (Certified Public Accountant) and is the deputy chair of the Public Sector Committee of the Netherlands Institute of Registeraccountants (Royal Nivra).

He is a full professor of management accounting at the University of Amsterdam (part-time) and lectured at the Royal Military Academy in the Netherlands. He obtained a PhD-degree and published over 50 articles in the field of accounting, auditing and decision support.

Miklos A. Vasarhelyi

Miklos A. Vasarhelyi [Ph.D in MIS (UCLA) MBA (MIT) and BS in Economics and Electrical Engineering (the State University of Guanabara and Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)]. Professor Vasarhelyi is currently the KPMG Professor of Accounting Information Systems and Director of the Continuous Auditing and Reporting Laboratory (CARLAB) at Rutgers University. He is also the Technology Consultant at the AT&T Laboratories. He has published more than 200 journal articles and 20 books. He is the editor of the Artificial Intelligence in Accounting and Auditing series and an academic journals. Professor Vasarhelyi has taught executive programs on electronic commerce to many large international organizations including GE, J&J, Eli Lilly, Baxter, ADL, Volvo, Siemens, Chase Bank, and AT&T.

Iñaki Vázquez

Licentiate in Economics with two specialties, Economic Analysis and International Economics. Master’s degree in European Union. Doctor’s degree in Economics. Several courses of informatics, data processing, panel data and fiscal studies. As a researcher on economics he has participated in different projects financed by Ministry of Science and Technology, BBVA Fundation, Ministry of Education and Science and Aragón Government. Since 2006 he works as Manager Assistant in the Statistical Processes Center of the Land and Mercantile Registrars Association of Spain, participating also in the DGI and PGC-2007 Taxonomy workgroups.

Since this year he is the XBRL International Coordinator of the Association, and the contact person of Spain for the XBRL Europe EU Business Registers Working (sub)Group. He has also participated in the ND2 project (Registrars free software for making the digital deposit) and the financial statements formularies design.

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