Track 6: XBRL France Session - XBRL in Motion in All Areas

Session Chairs: Sylvie Lépicier and Stéphane Allez

This session, which will be conducted in French, will cover a broad panorama of plans initiated in France in the banking sector, business registry and regulated information.

Who should attend this track?

  • Banking supervisors
  • Banking executives
  • Auditors
  • Chartered accountants
  • Software vendors
  • Chief executive officers
  • Investors relation
  • Financial analysts

For participants, this session will:

  • Explain the development of the main banking project lead by Banque de France : SURFI
  • Share how the central bank has forecast to renew the reporting IT framework
  • Show the benefits brought by the Business Registry project : i-greffe
  • Foster how to innovate by using the 800 000 XBRL accounts reports delivered by Infogreffe in an XBRL format
  • Illustrate how XBRL helped being regulatory compliance in the field of executive compensation
  • Bring to the XBRL users new means to compare and understand companies benefit and performance

What is expected from contributors, in terms of experience, sector. Supervisors, IT professionals, Business registry managers, XBRL France members.

These speakers are expected to share their knowledge as addressed by the following questions:

  1. Why they chose to transform the French banking Regulatory IT framework with XBRL?
  2. What are the benefits for the accountants end-users to use XBRL format for social accounts?
  3. What are the benefits for issuers and analysts to implement XBRL in the financial supply chain?

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