Training Session 3: Intermediate XBRL Global Ledger Framework & Implementation

Training Session 3: Intermediate XBRL Global Ledger Framework & Implementation – 1 ½ days

Monday 22 June & Tuesday June 23 until Noon

Monday - Introduction to XBRL Global Ledger Framework 


Do you need standardization and simplification below the "end reporting" level? Want help digging down into the details? The Global Ledger Framework (XBRL GL) is an extensible set of modules that can represent the underlying details of operational, business and accounting systems in order to support end reporting, as well as to facilitate ERP integration. In this hands-on session, we dig below the surface and build on the skills learned in the "Getting Started" course to learn more about the “Building Blocks” of XBRL GL, blocks capable of being assembled in different combinations to meet the representational needs of ERP integration, consolidation and archival. 

Attendees will also learn how XBRL GL and "XBRL for end reporting" together provide practical solutions to streamline the internal and external reporting processes. 


This course is oriented towards consultants, auditors, accounting software (or related products) developers.  Students who have taken a prior XBRL GL training session or similar experience.  

Topics include:

  • A brief (re)introduction to XML, XBRL and the Global Ledger Framework
  • Parties, resources, documents, and other Building Blocks of XBRL GL
  • Conceptual exercise: Playing with the Blocks – what can YOU represent? Headers and Details: learning what detail goes where
  • Conceptual exercise: Where does that detail go (for key documents and data)
  • Expanding on the key fields: A dozen more key XBRL GL fields and their enumerations
  • Hands-on exercise: representing detailed invoices
  • xbrlInfo, SRCD and GL to FR integration
  • Conceptual exercise: the SRCD and GL to FR integration
  • XBRL for end reports reconciliation and implications for internal and external reporting
  • A practical application: the Convergence Assistant
  • It won’t always be manual: Mapforce and Google OneBox, and other advanced topics

Tuesday - Implementing XBRL Global Ledger Framework


The costs and complexities of data integration have been greatly reduced by using XML as a common data-exchange format. However, without the right tool and the knowledge to use it, data mapping between relational and hierarchical structures can be intimidating and time-consuming. Although we are looking forward to the time when the XBRL Global Ledger Framework (XBRL GL) is a native import/export and Web services format, the benefits of XBRL GL are available today with tooling that is less intimidating and time-consuming than previously. We will explore one such tool in-depth: Altova Mapforce.

This advanced, instructor-led, class provides an in-depth look at how to use Altova MapForce to visually create and execute data mappings between business reporting detail and XBRL GL. It provides an overview of the database support features available within MapForce, and explores the issues that arise in mapping relational structures to hierarchical XSD.

Attendees will:

  • Gain expertise in employing the MapForce database integration feature set
  • See how MapForce visually represents mapping objects
  • Establish database connections using the MapForce database connection wizard
  • Perform database actions from within MapForce
  • Filter and process selected data as part of a MapForce mapping
  • Explore and discuss issues related to mapping flat RDBMS structures to hierarchical XML
  • Migrate data from a relational format into XML
  • Apply the "building blocks" logic to gain a practical understanding of how to map different types of documents, entries and ledgers to XBRL GL


Students who have taken both beginner and intermediate courses or similar experience; familiarity with accounting system installation and report writing recommended.


Eric E Cohen, PwC & Gianluca Garbellotto, IPHIX

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