Track 3: Case Studies in XBRL Solutions

Track Chairs: Josef Macdonald and Michal Piechocki

Adoption of XBRL is spreading worldwide. Working solutions are needed by preparers and users of XBRL-tagged information. Vendors and professional services providers play an important role in XBRL implementation projects by providing customized tools and professional support services.

Who should attend this track?

  • CEOs, CFOs and other senior management
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Organizations currently implementing XBRL solutions
  • Organizations considering implementing XBRL solutions
  • Internal and external legal counsel
  • Analysts
  • Investors and other users of XBRL-tagged information

For participants, this track session will:

  • Study current case studies from actual XBRL implementations, covering projects in phases from business case through to working project
  • Review working examples for Preparers
  • Solutions for preparing external filings
  • Solutions for internal reporting
  • Review working examples for Regulators
  • Solutions for receiving, viewing and validating XBRL files
  • Review working examples for Users
  • Solutions for consumption and analysis of XBRL files
  • Share case studies from around the world demonstrating how regulators are using XBRL to improve

What is expected from contributors, in terms of experience, sector….

This track is intended for sharing experiences of real projects in which you, as a vendor or professional service provider, are directly involved. Presenters are expected to describe how tools and/or professional services helped the customer(s) implement XBRL by following the project in phases from business case development to current project status. Vendors and professional service providers are encouraged to present with a client representative.

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