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Yao Feng

Mr Yao was born in 1960He graduated from the Department of Planning and Statistics of Hubei Finance College. 

From Aug 1983 to Feb 1993Mr Yao worked at the General Planning Department of Ministry of Finance as the Deputy Division Director

From Feb 1993 to Feb 1997Mr Yao worked at the Chinese Deputy Economic Development Trust and Investment Corporation as the Deputy General Manager of Securities Department, and before that he was the General Manager of the Enterprise Management Department

From Feb 1997 to Sep 1999Mr Yao worked at the China Travel Service (Holdings) Hong Kong Co. LtdHe served in these positions at CTSthe Deputy General Manager of Finance Departmentthe Deputy General Manager & the Head of Investment Departmentthe Deputy General Manager of CTS Investment Company.

MrYao joined the China Securities Regulatory Commission in Sept 1999Since thenhe has served in the following positionsthe Division Director of the Department of Intermediary SupervisionDeputy Director of the CSRC Guangzhou BureauDeputy Director of the Securities Company Risk Disposal Office.

Now Mr Yao is the Deputy Director & Counsel of the Department of Accounting in CSRC.

Francisco Flores-Muñoz

Francisco Flores-Muñoz is a full-time researcher in New Technologies in Accounting and Business Administration at the Business Faculty of the University of Huelva (Spain). His main research interests are IT, digital reporting, digital transparency on the web, Basel II, internal controls and the impact of the international regulations. He has published international articles in various journals, books and other publications. He is a member of the COREP-XBRL Group, reporting to the Committee of European Banking Supervisors for the implementation of Basel II in the European Union.

Edouard Francois de Lencquesaing

Edouard Francois de Lencquesaing was Executive Vice-President and Special Advisor to the Chairman, of CCF (Credit Commercial de France) until its merger with HSBC in 2004.

He began his career as a consultant with Arthur Andersen/ACCENTURE and later joined CCF where he spent 23 years in positions of increasing responsibility, including  deep involvement in the planning and successful launch of the Euro as the common currency for the European Union.

Since 2004 he has been a consultant to Banking and Financial sectors, and is  Special Advisor to Paris EUROPLACE, guiding the French financial industry in strategic planning and restructuring to further integrate France and the EU economy. In this context he participated,  to the creation of the French financial cluster FINANCE INNOVATION, defining the best conditions to boost innovation in technologies and financial products.

Edouard frequently participates in economic and financial forums as a speaker or moderator, and frequently

writes in leading French magazines and newspapers about strategic issues and challenges of  the financial industry in France, the EU, and globally.

Ralf Frank

Ralf Frank’s mission is to improve the usability of financial reporting and financial communication for investors and financial analysts by understanding and researching the interaction between financial data, reports and reporting instruments and user.

As part of a global network of experts in this field Ralf is promoting a user-centered financial reporting and communication design paradigm within which the flow of communication and its material is designed with its intended users in mind at all times.

His current focus is on:

  • Enhancing Business Reporting with extrafinancial reporting, Corporate Governance, (ESG), riskmanagement, intellectual capital
  • Specific needs and requirements for SMEs in stock markets (Small Caps)•    eXtensible Business Reporting Language XBRL
  • Intercultural investor communication

Ralf has access to a large global network of investment professionals from both sell- and buy-side firms. He is author of several articles and publications on usability and an appreciated speaker and panelist in Europe and abroad.

Ralf joined DVFA in 2002. He held several senior management positions at a einem US-american capital goods manufacturer and was Senior staff at a pan-European consulting firm.
He studied in Brussels, Essen, Manchester and holds an M.A. in Communications from Essen University/Germany and an MBA from Sheffield Hallam University/UK. In 2005 he finished a postgraduate program in Systemic Consulting & Therapy with the degree Systemic Consultant (SG).

Ralf is 46 years old and married. He has two sons aged 13 and 11.

Paola Fumiani

Paola graduated in Industrial Chemistry in 1981 and the same year joined InfoCamere.

She’s permanent member of the workgroup of the “Associazione XBRL Italia”  which has developed the XBRL taxonomy related to the Italian ‘civil code’ providing for the Financial Reporting by the Italian Business Entities.

She joined different EU projects i.e., the EBR – European Business Registers Open Network WINS, BRITE and presently the PEPPOL project,  giving assistance for the design of the project communication infrastructure, for the modeling of the security architecture , Web Services  and XBRL support

She’s also member of the XBRL EU Business Registers Working Group

Application Designer in InfoCamere for the corporate’s Certified E-Mail System (Italian acronym PEC  providing senders with legally valid electronic documentation of the sending and delivery of electronic documents) based on the corporate PKI infrastructure and Digital Signature technology,   actes as technical consultant for the adoption  of the  XBRL standard by the project and its pilot applications in the Italian Business Register

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