TR2-17 Simultaneous mandatory adoption of IFRS and XBRL - Chile

Presenter: Ana Cristina Sepúlveda

Listed Companies of Chile must file by June 20 under IFRS through XBRL, both linked and brand new in the Country. This presentation will examine the project developed by the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (SVS) of Chile to present financial statements under IFRS. The task consisted in making taxonomy for corporate issuers supervised by the SVS, extending it from the IFRS-GP 2006 taxonomy, which was available when this project started in January 2008. It will present the stages of the project and an assessment of successes and failures. We are going to explore the following points: What did we do? How do we work? Where are we now? What were the difficulties? Lessons learned, companies' feedback, and ongoing IFRS extension for 2010 filing are the main topics.

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