TR1-12 Pillar III Transparency: Corporate Social Responsibility through XBRL

Presenter: Francisco Flores-Muñoz

In short, CSR lacks of a minimum of clarity, is too industry-specific and the format in which it is based is not suitable to comparisons. All formats detected are mainly human-oriented, not tractable information. Much work is needed to process CSR information in an efficient manner, and also to audit this new amount of data. So, in front of this challenge, the Spanish XBRL Jurisdiction offers a double solution: A semantic, internationally valid consensus, considering more than 20 quality standards on the environmental, financial, social, human rights and labour arenas, observed by academicians and practitioners. An efficient digital format, based on XBRL. This taxonomy has been recently acknowledged by XBRL International, and we are now starting the international implementation stage, when the feedback will be essential. So, all members and businesses implicated will appreciate to enjoy the opportunity to obtain a first view during your conference.

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