Training Session 1: Preparing Financial Reports with XBRL

 Instructors:  Barry Smith, ABRL & Anthony Schell, ValuLink


To meet growing market demand for professionals who have the know-how to produce XBRL financials, XBRL International, together with ValuLink, are providing hands-on training for creating XBRL financial reports. The objective is to transfer XBRL financial report “know-how” to the training session participants.

Course Schedule: 

  • Monday, 5 May from 7am to 11 am
  • Thursday, 6 May from 7am to 2pm 

Course Objectives:

• To understand the nature and meaning of ‘tagging’, ‘instance document’, and ‘taxonomy’

• To provide experience of creating valid XBRL instance documents

• To understand the nature and use of dimensions, movement analyses, and tuples when creating XBRL financial reports

• To create and apply a company extension taxonomy

• To highlight relevant conference sessions that will enable attendees to attain further knowledge of preparing XBRL financial reports

Course details:

The course will take place over two days:

Monday 5 May - 7am to 11am (preceding the conference)

Thursday 8 May – 7am to 3pm

• Software: course participants will be notified of required software downloads in advance of the course. The practical exercise data files will be provided by ValuLink.

• Each course participant must have own laptop. Laptops will not be provided by ValuLink or XBRL International.

The practical exercises and demonstrations are based on IFRS or US GAAP financial reporting. The training emphasis is on providing realistic data while remaining approachable by those who are relatively new to XBRL. No prior XBRL technical knowledge is assumed and the course minimizes technical material where possible. However, enough technical material will be conveyed to permit a general appreciation of XBRL-aware software applications.

It will be helpful for course participants to read the following prior to the course:




About the Trainers: The XII Training is provided by ABRL and ValuLink.

ABRL (http://www.abrl.eu ) is a leading provider of XBRL-based business reporting solutions with particular emphasis on meeting the training and education needs of users of XBRL.

ValuLink (http://www.valulink.biz/BusinessIntelligence.html) is the strategic consulting and professional services firm for clients focused on Protecting, Enhancing, Assessing shareholder value. Specific to XBRL, ValuLink focuses on providing XBRL awareness and expertise to the southern United States, particularly the southwestern region.

Pre-requisites: This one-day course shows financial professionals how to prepare financial reports using XBRL. No prior technical knowledge is assumed and the course minimizes technical material where possible. However, enough technical material will be conveyed to allow the software tools to be used.

Before the course, it will be helpful for attendees to read the following: http://www.xbrl.org/WhatIsXBRL/ http://www.xbrl.org/BenefitsAndUses/ http://www.xbrl.org/HowXBRLWorks/