Global Ledger Framework Training

Course Authors/Instructors: Eric E Cohen, Pwc and Gianluca Garbellotto, IPHIX

Course Schedule:

  • Monday, 5 May, 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Evoluon
  • Thursday, 8 May, 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Evoluon

Course Introduction & Background:

Are you looking to gain more hands-on skills with XBRL? Three special sessions to help you build your XBRL conceptual and technical skills are being offered in Eindhoven:

These sessions focus on XBRL's Global Ledger, and will provide in-depth and hands-on activities with this new RECOMMENDATION from XBRL International, Inc. If your interest is Internal Reporting, these sessions are a MUST, and with two sessions , you will be able to build, Build, BUILD your knowledge of XBRL GL.

The Global Ledger Framework is an extensible set of modules that can represent the underlying details of operational, business and accounting systems in order to support end reporting, as well as to facilitate ERP integration.

- In the first GL session (Monday, May 5, 2008), the students will work with begin understanding the Global Ledger Framework.

- In the second hands-on session (Thursday May 8, 2008), the beginner will build on the skills learned in session I and knowledge about XBRL for internal reporting gained from the conference and learn more about the "Building Blocks" of XBRL GL, capable of being assembled to meet the representational needs of ERP integration, consolidation and archival. (This session assumes familiarity with the materials in session I.).

You can choose these courses when you register for the 17th XBRL International Conference. Limited Space is still available!

About the trainers:

Eric E. Cohen is the XBRL Global Technical Leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is one of the original founders of XBRL and the chief architect of the Global Ledger Framework. He is a frequent speaker on XBRL-related topics.

Gianluca Garbellotto is the president of Iphix, a consultancy focused on standards-based technology solutions, leader in XBRL and XBRL GL-based implementations and training. He is a member of the XBRL Standards Board, the current Chair of the XBRL GL Working Group and one of the main contributors to the development of the XBRL GL Framework. His monthly XBRL column for IMA's "Strategic Finance" magazine is a major contribution to the awareness of the relevance of XBRL Global Ledger.

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