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Company executives around the world confirm how XBRL is revolutionizing business reporting and financial analysis. Read some of their success stories below.

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Liv Watson

Liv Watson, Vice President of Global Strategy, Edgar Online

I am XBRL in Action because EDGAR Online employs XBRL in both its products and solutions, and we provide our own company financial information XBRL to the investment community. I am XBRL in Action because as the chair of the XBRL International Jurisdiction Working Group, I help many countries adopt XBRL as the standard for financial and business reporting information. I have also written numerous
articles and books on XBRL.

For more information, visit www.edgar-online.com.

Thomas Verdin

Thomas Verdin, Consultant, THEIA Partners

I am XBRL in Action because, as a consultant at THEIA Partners, helping banks, investment firms and financial departments to set up and maintain their business and regulatory financial information supply chains, I actively promote XBRL as a powerful means to improve processes and data quality. At THEIA Partners, we participated in the COREP and FINREP projects for banking groups in Europe, where XBRL is now a day-to-day reality. We developed XBRL training in France and Morocco. THEIA Partners is now an active player of the dematerialization project by Infogreffe, the computer platform for French Registers that in June 2008 will enable the XBRL-filing of annual accounts for every company in France.

To find out more, visit www.theia-partners.com.

Peter Williams

Peter Williams, CEO, Deloitte Digital, Deloitte

I am XBRL in action because I have applied XBRL in preparation of financial reports and taxation returns and reduced processing time by 86% in our business. We had to develop our own taxonomy, data conversion tools and reporting/rendering tools to make it work (together with the UBMatrix XBRL suite). To leverage this success we are now working both internally and externally to apply XBRL to replicate similar results.

Shweta Gupta

Shweta Gupta, IRIS Business Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

I am XBRL in Action because IRIS Business Services has developed India's XBRL compliant filing solution for listed companies, it is building India's taxonomy, and it is in the process of converting corporate data into XBRL instance documents, soon reaching the target of 20,000 Indian annual reports! IRIS has been providing software tools and services including consulting and data conversion into XBRL for the past three years.

Phil Moyer

Phil Moyer, CEO and President, Edgar Online

I am XBRL in Action because EDGAR Online believes XBRL data, filing solutions and analysis tools will bring transparency to the capital markets. We have converted the filings of every U.S. public company into XBRL – creating the largest commercial database of U.S. public XBRL data. In collaboration with RR Donnelley we help U.S. companies file with the SEC in XBRL in a matter of hours. We also enable financial professionals to analyze XBRL data with our I-Metrix tools. We are a founding member of the XBRL consortium.

To find out more visit: http://www.edgar-online.com/products/imetrix.aspx or http://www.tryxbrl.com.

Joep van Amelsfort

Joep van Amelsfort, Owner, PragmaTools

I am XBRL in action because PragmaTools, as part of CaseWare’s international network of software distributors, is providing XBRL instance documents based on various local GAAPs to users. In Belgium we offer CaseWare’s WinAcc, a solution that has already been used for hundreds of instance document submitted by users to the National Bank of Belgium. PragmaTools is also preparing for the new company tax taxonomy and has developed an add-on taxonomy for Corporate Permanent Data that facilitates data exchange between various software programs.

Visit http://www.pragmatools.com for more information.

Yoshiaki Wada

Yoshiaki Wada, Director, The Bank of Japan

I am XBRL in Action because the Bank of Japan started the live use of its XBRL based data gathering scheme with financial service institutions in February 2006. Since then, we have gradually expanded the range of reports, and also implemented the latest technology such as Formula-link and Dimensions. Although XBRL is not mandatory in our scheme, all FSIs have voluntarily submitted data in XBRL format. Our scheme has worked without fatal problems and has proved to be reliable. It is our pleasure to share our experience on XBRL with all people who are working on implementing XBRL.

Frederic Chapus

Frederic Chapus, President, UBmatrix International

I am XBRL in Action because at UBmatrix, we are dedicated to providing our clients and partners with XBRL-based reporting solutions that are 100% compliant and deliver validation with 0% errors. It means focusing on the detail required by compliance and regulatory reporting entities in one of the most demanding and exacting environments, now and in the future. It also means developing successful working relationships with many different worldwide partners to deliver solutions that truly meet the needs of the rapidly expanding market.

For more information, go to http://www.ubmatrix.com.

Homi Byramji

Homi Byramji, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Company and Economic Data, Reuters

I am XBRL in Action because Reuters strongly believes in the value of XBRL. In September 2001, we became the first company to publish our financials in XBRL, and we have done so continuously since then. Furthermore, Reuters is a user of XBRL to increase the speed and timeliness of updating our databases, and in the future, Reuters will also be publishing our historical financial databases in XBRL.

Paul Snijders

Paul Snijders, CEO, Semansys Technologies BV

I am XBRL in Action because I have been highly involved in and contributing to the development and adoption of XBRL since the early days. Semansys brings expertise, standard low costs and enterprise solutions for every stakeholder in the business reporting chain. XBRL is well positioned to bring about a revolution in the financial world. Significant issues related to compliance and regulatory reporting, internal information and master data management are addressed by XBRL. It is most exciting that XBRL changes business models and brings new opportunities, and that’s why we are involved.

To find out more, visit http://www.semansys.com.

Lars Berglöf

Lars Berglöf, Founder, eReport AB

I am XBRL in Action because as the founder of eReport Sweden, I have been working with the standardization of financial information since the early 1970s. I am deeply involved in introducing XBRL throughout Sweden and Developing Countries. eReport provides XBRL-education and feasibility studies on the implementation of XBRL to the financial sector. Together with its partners, eReport developed XBRL-based applications for Microsoft Office with capabilities including reading, analyzing, editing and presenting XBRL files.

To find out more, visit http://www.ereport.se.

Jean-Luc Menda

Jean-Luc Menda, Deputy Director, Policy and Research, Banque de France

I am XBRL in Action because I completed the first XBRL project in France in the field of banking supervisory reporting through the COREP and FINREP initiatives. This project, closely coordinated at the European level, allowed banks to submit reports resulting from the implementation of Basel II and the new IFRS accounting standards for the banking sector. In this project, XBRL was used for the first time in order to manage very complex reporting.

Diane Mueller

Diane Mueller, Vice President, XBRL Development, JustSystems

I am XBRL in Action because at JustSystems, we believe that XBRL and XML technologies represent a fundamental shift in the way financial information will be created, distributed and consumed. JustSystems' xfy application (pronounced ‘x-fie’), is a powerful document-based composite application framework that allows organizations to rapidly unify content and data into dynamic interactive documents and applications. JustSystems’ xfy enables XBRL-centric documents and applications to help organizations leverage and meet the new demands of XBRL-based processes.

To find out more, visit http://na.justsystems.com/xbrl.

Kurt Ramin

Kurt Ramin, Chair Emeritus, XBRL International, and Advisor, XBRL Team of IASC Foundation

I am XBRL in Action because the IASC Foundation has a team dedicated to the integration of XBRL with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). There is no need to read large books any longer - it has never been easier to implement. Use the new XBRL-IFRS taxonomy (www.iasb.org/xbrl) and put XBRL into action.

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