17th XBRL International Conference - May 5-8, 2008

Dear XBRL International Members, interested parties and conference attendees:

On behalf of XBRL International Inc., XBRL in Europe and the Eindhoven conference planning committee , I would like to welcome you to the 17th XBRL International conference web site. We have planned a very different conference experience themed “The Evolution of Business Reporting: XBRL In Action” at the World Class Conference Center: Evoluon (The Flying Saucer).

How will this conference be different?

The Program

This year’s European conference is being held concurrently with the Dutch National Taxonomy Project 2008 (NTP) and features a bigger, more diverse audience with a focus on the end users of XBRL. Sessions will be more interactive, demonstrating real implementations of XBRL, including the software tools and project management lessons learned – conducted by the project managers and end users. This conference will also provide attendees with exposure to the combined exhibitors from both events. The conference will continue to offer influential Keynote speakers representing worldwide governments, financial institutions, projects and organizations and the latest technical updates by the XBRL Standards Board Working Groups and the newly formed Best Practices Board. We will also have a panel session on Wednesday to discuss the future of XBRL specifically related to the US GAAP and IASB projects and including representatives from the US SEC, listed companies and the analyst community – it is something you will not want to miss!

This conference will focus on real world demonstrations of “XBRL in Action” for the following Special Interest Groups:

Interest Group

Track Session
Session Leaders
Developers Diane Mueller, JustSystems
Product Managers Paul Snijders, Semansys
Financial Executives Anthony Fragnito, XII CEO
Investment Professionals Ralf Frank, EFFAS
Banking & Government Regulators Josef MacDonald, Ernst &Young

Please plan to attend the Gala Dinner on Wednesday night, a medieval theme in the beautiful Kastle Geldrop, for great food and even better company.

An Exciting Location

Eindhoven is arguably the most adventurous city in the south of The Netherlands. This city offers everything you need to make life enjoyable! A bustling city centre with a huge variety of shops, numerous bars, pubs and restaurants, welcoming terraces, a lively nightlife, an overflowing events calendar and art and culture of the highest quality! But Eindhoven also has a rich historical background; at first sight a young and modern city, it is actually one of the oldest in The Netherlands!

I would like to thank all those who have helped put this event together including the European jurisdiction leaders, our program chairman - Jan Pasmooij, members of the conference planning committee, track chairs and the XBRL staff. I would particularly like to thank the presenters, instructors and keynote speakers who have all devoted a lot of time and energy to preparing for this event.

A special thanks, as always, to our conference sponsors. Without their dedication and commitment our conference program would not be possible.XBRL is facilitating a global evolution in the efficiency, transparency and utility of Business Reporting. Our success, past and future, remains linked to the many individuals around the world who believe in the goals of the organization and the promise of global information sharing.

Welcome to The Netherlands and the 17th International XBRL conference!

Anthony Fragnito, CEO
XBRL International, Inc.

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