Who Attends?

The 17th International XBRL Conference is the continuation of the XBRL International conference series. Attendees at past International XBRL Conference came from the world's largest organizations, as well as some of the smallest.

Past attendees include:

Financial executives, financial analysts, portfolio managers, investor relations officers, Government CFOs, financial management professionals, CIOs, CTOs, financial and data analysts in addition to software developers, taxonomy developers, Systems integrators, IT project managers and other subect-area experts.

Everyone who is currently involved with XBRL will benefit by attending this year's event, including those interested in:

  • General, or less technical, talks about XBRL and its uses
  • More technical or theoretical talks
  • Talks about execution and interoperability
  • Talks about real-world implementations and issues
  • Talks about best practices for taxonomy development efforts

The conference is expected to attract 450 or more attendees coming from all over the world, including:

  • Finance executives (CFOs, CAOs, etc.) & Corporate managers
  • Investment Professionals, Investors and market makers
  • Regulators and government administrators
  • Accounting professionals
  • Taxation authorities and Chamber of Commerce representatives
  • Banking Supervisors, CEBS, Bankers and Financial Analysts
  • Trustees, Managers & members  from Associations, Trust and Foundations around the world
  • Software vendors and service integrators including those working with the financial markets and with government agencies
  • as well as other people interested in XBRL responsible for improving and streamlining their company's business reporting processes.

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