Planning Committee

The conference planning team has taken on the unique task of bringing real life XBRL experiences, projects and solutions to the attendees. The Mainstage and each session will offer a rich experience with answers to the questions: How do XBRL projects get started, Why is XBRL important to my profession or company? When will I NEED to begin using XBRL?, How much do I need to understand to use XBRL? How will XBRL help me and/or my company? What user friendly tools are available for using XBRL? How do they work? How do I get started?

Our conference keynote speakers will speak to how they are using XBRL data standard and its impact on business reporting in their respective markets. The conference program will showcase the many European and International XBRL projects underway around the globe and demonstrate the tools that have been used for their success . We look forward to sharing the many developments with you in Eindhoven.

To learn more about XBRL you can attend the 2 day XBRL Training sessions as well as the 2-day Training coures which will allow you to take advantage of the XBRL data standard. The conference planning team is here to assist you in learning about XBRL and we welcome your participation at the conference.

17th XBRL International Conference Committee Members

  • Conference Chair: Jan Pasmooij, Nivra Netherlands
  • Special Interest Track Chairs
    • Investment Professionals: Ralf Frank, EFFAS
    • Financial Executives: Tony Fragnito, XBRL International, Inc
    • Software Product Managers: Paul Snijders, Semansys
    • Developers: Diane Mueller, JustSystems
    • Banking Supervision & Regulators: Jan Pasmooij, Nivra & Josef MacDonald, Ernst & Young, UK
    • Government Regulator: Josef MacDonald, Ernst & Young UK & Kurt Ramin, IASB
  • Programme Committee Members
    • Tony Fragnito, CEO XBRL International, Inc.
    • XBRL Europe Members
      • John Eriksson, Sweden
      • Mateusz Hojda, Poland
      • Jean-Luc Menda, France
      • Bodo Kesselmeyer, German

XBRL International Events Committee

  • Chair: Diane Mueller, JustSystems
  • V Chair: Makoto Koizumi, Fujitsu
  • Jan Pasmooij, NIVRA/NL
  • Jean-Luc Menda, Banque de France

XBRL Conference Staff

  • David Colgren, Conference Marketing, Sponsorship & PR
  • Brad Monterio, Conference Marketing, Sponsorship & PR
  • Cheryl Neal, XII, Executive Administrator
  • Samantha Bowerman, Strategic Meetings Group: XII contracted Program Coordinator


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