Training Session 2: Taxonomy Development

Instructors: Michal Piechocki, Mateusz Hojda & Bartosz Ochocki


Taxonomies are the substantial part of the XBRL world. XBRL International developed several documents (XBRL Specification, FRTA, Dimensions ..) which guide taxonomy developers on how to build high-quality, consistent XBRL taxonomies. In order to foster the understanding and creation of XBRL taxonomies, XBRL International together with the Business Reporting – Advisory Group provide hands-on XBRL Training. Its main goal is to transfer knowledge and unique experience of XBRL taxonomies development process.

Course Schedule:

  • Sunday, 4 May 9am - 5 pm at the Van der Valk Hotel
  • Monday, 5 May 9am - 5 pm at the Evoluon Conference Center 

Course Objectives

  • To help trainees understand XBRL taxonomies
  • To help understand XBRL taxonomies development process
  • To build high-quality XBRL taxonomy
  • To make trainees familiar with the best practises in the taxonomies development area
  • To explain how to extend XBRL taxonomies
  • To explain how to create sample instance documents


Participation in this course does not require any previous XBRL experience. However basics of XBRL will foster the understanding of the XBRL taxonomies development process. Please see especially:

Course Information

Course duration: 2 days including coffee breaks and lunches - Sunday, May 4 and Monday, May 5 

Software: trainers will provide participants with required software Requirements: trainees should bring their own notebooks which should support Java-based applications. The practical exercises and demonstrations are based on various GAAPs. These provide realistic source and XBRL data while remaining approachable.