Session 1: Le contrôle bancaire: Perspective Asie-Pacifique,Amérique et Europe

Track Chairs: Ignacio Boixo and Yoshiaki Wada

This track session, which doubles as the 10th European Banking Supervisors XBRL Workshop, will take a broad, global view of the various models and processes for banking supervision to convey the numerous ways in which supervisors can approach their XBRL solutions.

Who should attend this track?

  • Banking supervisors
  • Banking executives
  • Bank compliance officers
  • Banking attorneys

For participants, this track session will:

  • Compare different implementation plans, models and targets about banking supervision
  • Highlight the benefits of a reduction in reporting burden
  • Identify the challenges and pitfalls to avoid for other supervisors
  • Provide a 360-degree view of XBRL reporting for banking supervision
  • Share perspectives from developing to developed countries crossing over unitary or distributed regulatory frameworks

What is expected from contributors, in terms of experience, sector…. Supervisors, banking professionals, and experts with practical experience in the banking regulatory environment.  These speakers are expected to share their knowledge as addressed by the following questions:

  1. What are the real benefits of XBRL to reduce the reporting burden, both for supervisors and the banking industry?
  2. What have been the challenges of implementing XBRL by the supervisors and the banking sector?
  3. What can be improved on XBRL and implementation that would meet the needs of supervisors and banks?

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